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Wright Flyer Photo Gallery

Thumbnails for 'Wright Flyer Engine test'

adjusting the prop Here you can see Rich Grimm adjusting the props before the test.

portable generator Here you can see the portable generator that supplied the power to the engine for this test.

attaching a device to measure rpms In this picture Don Dotson is the AIAA member on the ladder. He is attaching a device to measure rpms. In the red jacket, Mike Simundich is interested to know how much noise the electric wires will make. This might effect the data.

mugsy on the canard Of course Mugsy tried to steal the limelight!

video crew Here the video crew plans how to capture the test. Look for their footage of the engine on the news and NASA TV!

bud chamberlain Bud Chamberlain's smile shows he's confident the model will pass the test!

bud and arvin Bud Chamberlain and Arvin Basnight check the preparations. All of the AIAA members know a lot about the model. They take turns doing work and help each other. If one person has a specialty he get to do that kind of work. This way they all have fun!

Jack cherne In this picture you can see Jack Cherne checking the wires to be connected.

watching the test Can you see how excited everyone is! From left to right, Pete Zell holding the radio to talk to the control room, Rich Grimms doing some quick calculations, Don Dotson, Jack Cherne, Joe Landers, Jim Barnes, Bill Haynes, Arvin Basnight, and Craig Hange.

moitoring the noise Ira and George are monitoring the engine noise with and oscilloscope.

propellors Here you can see the propellors in motion. Are you surprised that they are turning towards each other? Can you think why?

Bill Haynes Bill Haynes reloads his camera. George and Mike continue to watch the engine noise to understand whether it will impact the balance data.

propellor This is a close up of the prop.

steve Steve Nance looks relieved that the test went well!


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