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Credits and Contacts

Wright Flyer Online is a NASA Quest project and is made possible with funding support from the NASA Ames Aeronautics Directorate and the Research and Development Directorate. Thanks to Skip Fletcher, Cliff Imprescia and George Kidwell for their vision. These online resources are provided by NASA Quest located at the NASA Ames Research Center. NASA Quest is supported by the NASA Learning Technologies Project of NASA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications.

The responsible NASA official is Karen Traicoff (

This project is only possible with the dedicated support of the men and women who work in NASA's Aeronautics Group. These people are donating their time to support K-12 education. A special thanks to the Wright Flyer Team volunteer experts.

Our project partners for Wright Flyer Online are the dedicated members of the Los Angeles Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The Project Managers for Wright Flyer Online are

This project is the first and hopefully not the last collaboration between the Quest Team and the NASA Ames Education Technology and Multimedia Group.Other members of the Education and Multimedia Project include Amberlee Chaussee, Production Assistant, Phil Cruz, Programmer, and Andy Doser, Graphic Artist. The Wright Flyer Online Archive was redesigned by Terri Littlejohn-Jones, graduate student, Instructional Technology, San Jose State University.( This Wright Flyer Online Webspace was designed and implemented by Chris Tanski (

In addition, the following people have made significant online contributions: Jill Chen, Jeff Newman, Jennifer Liang, Stephen Haas (, Bill Strathearn (, and Robyn Gottheiner.

The graphics for this site were provided by the RSPAC Graphics Team; these folks are responsible for another NASA site called The Observatorium. Special thanks to Linda McClung and Brian Maze.

The System Administration of Quest is provided by Recom Technologies Inc.. Thanks also to Chris Yarnell, Alan Federman, Ted Hardie, and Peter Losher. Paul Eiser ( provides copyediting support. Chris Tanski ( is our Smart Filter Coordinator.

The Smart Filters are a group of volunteers who help process questions from classrooms via email. We welcome additional folks who would like to volunteer to help with future projects.

Our ability to handle thousands of questions is made possible by wonderful public domain software originally written by Rob Menke ( and later updated by Dan Helfman ( when he volunteered his time during the summer that he was a high school senior.