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The Model

The model is a full scale aerodynamic replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer. Primary differences from the original are:
1. substitution of aluminum for wood for the two spars only in the center section of the lower wing and,
2. substitution of an electric motor for the gasoline engine.

Also all wing spar/rib junctions are strengthened by small aluminum angle brackets which are estimated to not significantly change the wing overall stiffness. Also some canard structure, rudder structure and some wing struts are aluminum. The sum of these changes are expected to not significantly change the overall flexibility of the model.

The model is fabricated primarily of wood, cloth and wire. Aircraft quality spruce and fir has been substituted for spruce, fir and ash used in the original. The cloth is a duplicate of the original cotton muslin, obtained from a special batch of fabric make for the Smithsonian by the original supplier, the J.P. Stephens Co. Also the propeller drive chains are exact duplicates fabricated by the original supplier, the Diamond Chain Co.


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