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The NASA Ames National Full-scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) 40 by 80 Foot and 80 by 120 Foot Wind Tunnels are driven by a common set of six 40 foot daimeter fams that are powered by six 22,500 horsepower motors. The 40 by 80 foot tunnel is a closed circ uit with fresh air exchange as required for cooling.

The 40 by 80 foot test section is actually 39 feet high, 79 feet wide and 80 feet long. It is lined with a six inch acoustic lining. A cross section of the tunnel test section and the model installation gantry crane is shown here. Reference test section area is 2754 square feet.

The tunnel operates at approximately atmospheric conditions in the test section. Speed range is zero to 260 psf dynamic pressure. This test will be run at a Dynamic Pressure of 2 psf (about 30 mph).


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