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a banner ith a picture of the wright flyer in front of the wind tunnel fans
Visit NASA Quest's Centennial of Flight


highlighting the gifts that powered flight has brought to modern day life and the different people who have made a contributions to aerospace and aviation.

Wright Flyer Online was active when the LA Chapter of the AIAA was testing their model of the 1903 Wright Flyer in the National Full Scale Aeronautics Complex at NASA Ames Research Center in 1996. It is archived here as a rich resource for teachers and students. Current NASA Quest activities celebrating the Centennial of Flight can be found at http://quest.nasa.gov/projects/aero/centennial/

The AIAA Wright Flyer Project continues to be an active effort to build a flying model of the 1903 Wright Flyer. Keep track of their progress

The Centennial of Flight Commission Web site is the Federal Website and is a great resource of nationwide centennial activities.

The Evolution of Flight This is the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics website about the Centennial of Flight.

Wright Flyer Online

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The list below is a quick overview of the pages of Wright Flyer Online:

welcome mat team in front of flyer question marks Two profiles of people in conversation Award ribbon silouette of the flyer silouette of the tunnel silouette of an old camera silouette of apple missing a bite silouette of a child launching a paper airplane




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