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Aeronautical Engineer

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Aerospace Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Aviation Systems Engineer, Fluid Dynamics Researcher, Computational Fluid Dynamicist

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Aeronautical Engineers design, develop, test and oversee the building of aircraft, aircraft propulsion systems, airframes and control surfaces. When designing a new aircraft, engineers first define what the purpose of such a vehicle is to be. Based upon research that has already been done and the design parameters, aeronautical engineers then design the prototype or model section. They design the test procedures and then run the test using a small team of experts. The engineer then examines the results and generates a report that identifies whether the design should be continued as is, modified as per the results or completely redesigned. The research performed prior to the design as well as the design work is performed in an office building or aeronautical lab facility using sophisticated computer workstations and computer visualization tools. When models are tested they can be tested in a wind tunnel facility or "flown in a computer" using sophisticated computational fluid dynamics visualization software. Aeronautical engineers spend a lot of time researching information, working with complex equations, using computers and discussing possibilities with colleagues.

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