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ADTO # 89 - December 2, 1999

PART 1: Upcoming Chats
PART 2: Project News
PART 3: Design Phase of the "Flyable Wright Flyer" Begins


QuestChats require pre-registration. Unless otherwise noted, registration
is at:  http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/chats/#chatting

Friday, December 17, 1999 10 AM - 11 AM Pacific
Aerospace Team Online QuestChat with the Wright Brothers

Step into the QuestChat "time machine" to chat with Orville & Wilbur
Wright in celebration of their 96th anniversary of the first successful,
powered, piloted flight in history.


Recently NASA considered sending a plane to Mars. Lots of research went
into considering what would be the best type of aircraft and how to     
achieve flight in the thin Martian atmosphere.

While this idea is not being pursued currently, in the next few months,
Aerospace Team Online will be sharing some of the work that was done.  
We hope to feature chats with some of the great aircraft designers that
worked on these ideas. The pictures of these vehicles are captivating and
I hope you will find your students interested in learning about
flight on Mars.

[Editors Note: In celebration of the upcoming 96th Anniversary of Flight, I thought some of you might appreciate an update on the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, (AIAA). I called around and got some news. Susan Lee]


The LA AIAA Chapter has been busy since leaving NASA Ames Research Center.
One of there biggest concerns has been finding a place to build the
"Flyable Wright Flyer". This problem looks as if it is close to being

The University of Illinois has designed the wing for the "Flyable" Plane.
This design was done using computational fluid dynamics. In other words,
designed by using computer programs to simulate problems and results.

The AIAA folks will be presenting two papers at the 38th Aerospace
Sciences Conference in Reno. They will be presented at the Wing
Configuration Session, which begins Tuesday Afternoon at 2 PM. at 3:00 pm
Jack Cherne, Fred Culick and Pete Zell will present a history of the 
project,  and at 3:30 PM Henry Jex, Rich Grimm and John Latz, and Craig
Hange will present the results of the wind tunnel test.

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