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ADTO # 67 - June 11, 1999

PART 1: Upcoming Chats
PART 2: Project News
PART 3: Subscribing & unsubscribing: how to do it!


Have you always wanted to chat but not had time to practice or test it

NASA QuestChat project manager, Oran Cox invites you to practice
chatting with him.

He's scheduled practice chats on June 15, 24, 29, 1999
For more information visit: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/

- - - - - - -

Choose a Summer chat!!

Do you have a chat of your dreams you'd like to request?
Is there a time that would be perfect to chat?
Send me a note I'll try to choose the experts and times
that will guarantee your attendance!! Susan Lee, slee@mail.arc.nasa.gov


Want to share what you've learned? We need Smart Filter Volunteers for
Aerospace Team Online.

Smart Filters receive email questions and forward them on to the
appropriate expert. Sound like fun? I can say from personal experience
that it really is.

If you want to volunteer and you are willing and able to:
-read, understand, and follow detailed and picky instructions.
-and you have access to the web.
-and if you are able to spend at least fifteen minutes every other day,
and possibly more during the school year, working on questions.

If your qualified and interested email our Smart Filter Manager, Chris
ctanski@quest.arc.nasa.gov He'll take the first five qualified

Go for it!;o)

- - - - - - -

Prepare for the High Speed Civil Transport Test!

Did you love following the Wright Flyer Wind Tunnel Test?
Well we've got a great test coming up in July, 1999. It's another test of
the model of the High Speed Civil Transport model that was tested here
last in 1997.

Future travelers may use this new type of aircraft, designed by NASA, to
traverse the globe in a matter of hours. The High Speed Civil Transport
promises to be the fastest airliner ever conceived, reaching speeds four
times that of the Concorde, delivering passengers in Tokyo three hours
after departure from San Francisco.

Here's what you can do to get ready for this test:

Read Mina Cappuccio's Profile: Mina is the main researcher on this test.
Read Fanny Zuniga's journals from the last HSCT test in the
12 foot pressure wind tunnel. Find out what happened the last time the
HSCT model was here!


If this is your first message from the updates-aero list, welcome!

To catch up on back issues, please visit the following Internet URL:

To subscribe to the updates-aero mailing list (where this message
came from), send a message to:
In the message body, write ONLY these words:
        subscribe updates-aero


To remove your name from the updates-aero mailing list, send a
message to:       listmanager@quest.arc.nasa.gov

In the message body, write ONLY these words:
        unsubscribe updates-aero

If you have Web access, please visit Aerospace Team Online
site at         http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero

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