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Meet: Jeff Newman

I was lucky enough to become involved with Quest through my work as a masters degree student at San Jose State University. My work with quest has helped me move towards a major goal I have set for myself.

Besides working at Quest, I am also a Sixth Grade math and science teacher at a middle school in Mountain View, California. I love working with kids, especially when they are having fun while learning. At times like that, I think, "Am I really getting paid to do this?" Some of the most fun and effective learning I've experienced with my students has been while using technology - especially computers. The problem is that I haven't known that much about the cool technology that's available. So I figured that learning about technology by going back to school (at night) was a good idea to help me teach the way I want to. I had no idea that I would find an internship at Quest though. It has turned out to be the most meaningful part of my masters program.

At Quest, I have learned a lot about things that I can use not just within my classroom, but outside of it as well. First of all, I've worked on putting up web pages. It is really satisfying to finish a job, and know that it is up and available for anyone to see and start learning from. Second, I've received a lot of email from kids all over the world. My job is to take their writings and put it up on the web. In the process, I've learned some very interesting things about science and the people involved with it. Thirdly, I have learned how to put pictures and graphics up on the web. It's a lot more fun when you can make the web page you're working on nice to look at, rather than a lot of black-and-white words. (I hope this page is more colorful that the words you're reading, too!) Finally, I've learned that there are many fantastic people responsible for the stuff you see on the internet. More than anything I've mentioned, the staff here at Quest has been terrific - helpful, funny, friendly, funny, intelligent, and did I mention, funny?

Hopefully, if I keep working (and playing) at it, I can become a teacher of kids and adults who is part of the change that's bringing more people into the high-tech world. For many, this change is scary. I want to make sure that my students realize that learning about technology - like learning here at Quest - is FUN!


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