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Final preparation before the
Space Shuttle simulation
by Chris Sweeney

February 6, 1998

The Space Shuttle simulation begins its five-week simulation in the VMS beginning on 9 February. We are in final preparation stages now for this. Two weeks ago, on 26 January, we began our cab integration process. This involves communicating between our math model of the Space Shuttle aircraft and all the hardware we use during the simulation. We make sure the communication links between our host computer and the cab (the simulated flight deck where the astronauts will sit and fly) is working. The control inceptors (stick, rudder pedals, brakes) are all checked as are all of the buttons, switches, knobs, dials, and instruments in the cab.

We are at the end of this process and everything looks good to begin on Monday. We are finalizing our check cases that ensure the computer is outputting the correct data. This simulation we are investigating the hydraulic Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) of the orbiter. We will study if getting more powerful APUs will make it easier for the astronauts to land the Space Shuttle, especially if one or more of the three APUs fail.


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