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The Beginning of the High Speed
Civil Transport simulation
by Chris Sweeney

February 6, 1998

Our preparations for the two High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) simulations have started. This year we will run back-to-back HSCT simulations beginning on June 1 and running through the end of July.

The first simulation will study how a pilot will interact with the displays and controls on the flight deck. The second simulation will study more of the handling quality of the HSCT as well as some more display issues.

The latest version of the "bare" airframe for the HSCT was just delivered. It takes up four full binders. This model is called the "bare" airframe because it does not have any of the computer controlled flight control system with it yet. The "bare" airframe shows how the aircraft will react if there were no computers onboard. It strictly displays the pure aerodynamics of the vehicle. We will start implementing this "bare" airframe immediately and receive the flight control system at a later date.


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