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by Roxana M. Greenman

March 8, 2000

I am an aerospace engineer at NASA Ames Research Center in the Computational Sciences Division. I perform research in the Neuro-Engineering Laboratory. I like to work in the laboratory because it is very interesting.

Currently, we are taking data of our hand motions using Electromyography (EMG) data gathering machines. We will then analyze this data to find new concepts for human-computer interfaces.

We will use different information technology tools to help such as neural networks and optimization routines. Neural networks are computational tools that mimic the way the human brain functions. They are good at predicting data and pattern recognition with the proper training.

In addition, I am currently working on developing a rapid-prototyping, adaptive control system generation tool that should enable new vehicle control generation, simulation, and evaluation using a neural controller. This new tool would allow engineers to see what happens when they alter the geometry of a vehicle during design or possibly what would happen if the vehicle was damaged during flight.


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