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The Men and Women of Aerospace Team Online

Read about their day-to-day activities in a series of Field Journals. Additional autobiographies and journals are listed in the Wright Flyer Online page.

Aerospace Management and Administration

George Kidwell, Deputy Director of Operations, Research and Development Services,

Aerospace Design:

improving aircraft performance, designing new concepts, and new technologies using research tools like wind tunnels and computer programs for the US aerospace industry.

Rebecca Averill, Research Engineer, Mechanical Systems
Narottam Bansal, Senior Materials Research Scientist
Christian Beins, Intellectual Property Officer
Jeff Berton, Aerospace Engineer, Propulsion Systems Analysis

David W. Bogdanoff, Senior Research Scientist
Cheryl Bowman, Material Research Engineer
Mina Cappuccio, Aerospace Engineer, High Speed Research
Russ Claus, Aerospace Engineer
Karen Crandall, Business Officer
Peter Gage, Design Engineer
Bruce Gilbaugh, Engineering Technician
Tom Glasgow, Material Scientist
Bob Griffiths, Aerodynamics Engineer, Boeing
Roxana Greenman, Aerospace Engineer
Andrew Hahn, Conceptual Aircraft Designer
Craig Hange, Aerospace Engineer
Loran Haworth, Engineering Test Pilot/ Research Psychologist
Charles Ingalls, Aerospace Engineer
Stephen Jaeger, Aeroacoustics Engineer
Joe Jordan, Researcher
Dave Korsmeyer, Senior Project Scientist
Kenwyn Long, Physicist
Katherine Martin, Technology Transfer Specialist
Rabi Mehta, Senior Research Scientist
Donald Mendoza, System Safety Engineer
Carolyn Mercer, Aerospace/Optical Engineer
Grant Palmer, Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer
George Raiche, Research Scientist
Mary Reveley, Aerospace Engineer
Jeff Samuels, Aerospace Engineer
Dale Satran, High Lift Research
David Saunders, Numerical Software Engineer
Tim Siebersma, Aerodynamics Engineer, Boeing
Steve Smith, Aerospace Research Engineer
Christine Szalai, Research Engineer
Linda Taylor, Electrical Engineer
Judith Foss Van Zante, Aerospace Engineer
Michael Wong, Aeronautical Engineer and Computer Programmer
Fanny Zuniga, Aerospace Engineer

Aeronautical Test and Simulation

operating, maintaining and developing wind tunnel and simulation facilities for research scientists, aircraft designers, human factors engineers, pilots and others to study the operation and flight of today's aircraft.

Jim Barnes, Systems Safety Engineer
Steve Bauman, Mechanical Engineer
Rick Bell, Senior Specialist Engineer, Boeing
Tom Benson, Research Engineer
Larry Bisbee, Mechanical Design Engineer
Jason R. Brown,Systems Safety Engineer
Ira Chandler,Instrumentation Technician
Dan Cooper, Instrumentation Technician
Kevin Copperfield, Intern Machinist
Chuck Cornelison, Facility Manager of the Ballistic Range Complex
Rod David, Senior Software Engineer
Bruce Gilbaugh, Engineering Technician
Estela Hernandez, Flight Simulation Engineer
Mike Herrick, Senior Electrical Engineer
Jason Hill, Flight Simulator Technician
Joseph Huang, Mechanical Engineer
Robert Jercinovich, Instrumentation Engineer
Wendy Johnson, Instrumentation Technician
Michel Liu, Development Group Leader
Chris Lockwood, Mechanical Engineer
Mike Lopez, Master Mechanic
Kelly McEntire, Mechanical Engineer
Rick McIlmoil, Aircraft Mechanic
Brent Nowlin, Electrical Operations Engineer
Steve Ord, Facility Engineer
Ed Pasiliao, Aerospace Engineer Technician
Joe Paz, Electrician and Mechanical Instrumentation Tech
Frank Quinto, Facility Manager
Leslie Ringo, Flight Simulation Engineer
Joe Sacco, Facility Manager
Imelda Terazzas Salinas, Group Leader of the Test Engineering Group
Jim Scott, Reasearch Instrument Maker
Robert Scott, Site Leader
Alex Sheikman, Senior Instrumentation Engineer
Betty Silva, Project Manager, Data Acquisition
Mike Simundich, Instrumentation Engineer
Felton Smith, Wind Tunnel Mechanic
Charles Stangeland, Intern Machinist
Paul Stuart, Computer Systems Technician
Chris Sweeney, Flight Simulation Engineer
Ruben Torrecampo, Wind Tunnel Mechanic
George Tucker, Research Test Pilot
Thomas Vahle, Electrical Supervisor
Michael Wright, Instrument Engineer
Pete Zell, Facility Manager

Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Research:

all aspects of the rotorcraft which directly influence the vehicle's performance, structural, and dynamic response, external acoustics, vibration, aeroelastic stability.

Earl Duque, Research Scientist
Chad Frost, Senior Research Scientist
Brent Wellman, Project Manager, 2GCHAS
Gloria Yamauchi, Aerospace Engineer
Larry A. Young, Aeromechanics Engineer

Aviation Human Factors:

research to improve the understanding of the functional relationships between the operational safety and efficiency of the aviation system and the characteristics of those people, tasks, environments and technologies.

Jeannie Davison, Research Associate
Ray Oyung, Research Coordinator for the Fatigue Countermeasures Program
Jim Stevenson, Experimental Psychologist
Eric Villeda, Aerospace Systems Safety Research assistant

Air Traffic Management Research:

develop technologies and operating procedures to improve aircraft movement and management.

Lorie Richardson, Businees & Marketing Manager
Rich Coppenbarger, Aerospace Enginner
Dennis James, Commercial Pilot

Jim McClenahen, Air Traffic Control Analyst
Elisha Novak
, Senior Airport Planner
Frank Staley, Airfield Safety Manager
Walter Strach, Meterologist

Education Outreach:

develop curriculum, produce on-line and other educational materials, conduct educational workshops.

Susanne Ashby, Curriculum Specialist
Amberlee Chaussee, Production assistant
Liza Coe, Director, California Air & Space Center Teacher Institute
Becky Kinslow,Teacher Intern
Paul Langston, Television Production Specialist
Jeff Newman, Teacher Intern
Bonnie Samuelson, Multimedia Education Specialist

Emeritus Aerospace Team Members

This is where you can find the autobiographies of people who have been part of Aerospace Team Online but for one reason or another are no longer participating.

If you would like to write to any of the people listed above to share your appreciation for their writings, please send an E-mail to Susan Lee (slee@mail.arc.nasa.gov). She will forward your greetings on. Please do not expect a personal reply from the individual since we've got them too busy writing journals and answering questions.

Note: The people listed above are those who agreed to participate in Aerospace Team Online. There are many more people involved in aeronautics research at NASA.
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