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Kids' Corner


Play Flight Simulator Word Search

A java game created by the folks at The Observatorium.
It takes a few seconds to load so please be patient.

Student's drawings

Student Gallery:

This is a place to see poems, artwork, writings, etc. Be sure to check it out!
Here's how to post your students' work!

Student Stumpers

These Student Stumpers challenge kids to make riddles for other kids to solve. Whether you create a question, or email the author with your answer,
Student Stumpers can be a terrific way to get to know like-minded kids all over the world.

Wright Flyer Glider Project

Something new! Check out what some students are working on at school. Share in their adventure as they look into the principles of flight!

Regimes of Flight

A New Regime

This is an online story of Chuck Yeager's flight that broke the Sound Barrier! It has movies, interactive vocabulary, and an audio version.

photo of wright flyer

Wright Flyer Kids' Corner

At the Wright Flyer Kids' Corner you can play a Slide Puzzle, look at a comic book, and a whole lot more! Be sure to check out this site for more fun activities!


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