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The Supersonic Transport Wind Tunnel Test



Welcome to the Supersonic Transport Wind Tunnel Test, December 19, 1997

Three Weeks to Go Before the Test!, December 29, 1997

Two Weeks Before Going into the Tunnel - Calibrating the Balance, December 31, 1997

One Week Before Going into the Wind Tunnel - Flow Visualization, January 14, 1998

In the Prep Room - Final Test Preparations, January 21, 1998

Moving to the Wind Tunnel, January 30, 1998

Week Two - Model Checkout in the Wind Tunnel , February 2, 1998

Half-way point in the test - two weeks to go!, February 12, 1998

On a roll ! - One more week!, February 19, 1998

Final week - We're done ! ! ! !, March 3, 1998

After the Test - Final Thoughts, March 25, 1998

Ask Email Questions and Answers

You may ask questions of the supersonic transport wind tunnel test team.

To see which questions have already been answered, go to the archive page.


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