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Student Worksheet: Regimes of Flight Key


Match the category from the box below to the descriptions given on the left. Place the letter in the blank next to the proper description.

L) low speed
M) medium speed
H) high speed
SS) supersonic speed
HS) Hypersonic speed

M 1. 100 -350 mph

L 2. kites, baloons, airships

SS 3. high powered jet engines, sleek fuselage with super thin, swept-back or delta wings

H 4. 350 - 700 mph

HS 5. high powered rocket engines with thin, short wings

M 6. Cessna Fokker, Junkers

HS 7. Mach 5 to Mach 10

L 8. lightweight structures with small or no engines

SS 9. greater than 760 mph, but less than Mach 5

M 10. propeller types with straight thick wings

HS 11. rockets, Space Shuttle, X-15

L 12. 0 - 100 mph

H 13. Boeing B-47, Lear Jet, Vichers Vicount

SS 14. Concord, F-15, Eagle, Stealth

H 15. powerful propeller or jet-powered engines with thin, sweptback wings and a sleek fuselage


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