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Writing Experience: Sound Wave Travel

When sound travels through air it has a very definite effect upon the air molecules. As an airplane moves through airspace at the speed of sound, it causes a big disturbance that results in the ``sound barrier being broken''. This causes a sonic boom.

Pretend that you and your group of friends are actually molecules floating in the atmo-sphere. You are located up where the supersonic aircraft fly. In the first paragraph describe what the atmosphere is like at that altitude and how you and your group of friends would be acting. In the second paragraph describe what happens when a supersonic aircraft flies through your airspace. Describe not only the sounds, but what it would feel like when the wave moves through your group. Would it be disruptive? Would it feel like you were roughly jostled or would it feel more like floating on an ocean wave? Finish your description with a third paragraph that describes how all of you would get back to your normal routine as molecules in the atmosphere. Be imagi-native and use show-not-tell language. Try to describe things using more than one of your senses. Try adding dialogue as you and your friends talk your way through the experience.


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