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Student Worksheet:
Aeronautics of the Space Shuttle Key


After reading ``Aeronautics of the Space Shuttle'', answer each question below by underlining the letter of the correct answer.

  1. Name the vehicle that is an example of a lifting body.
    1. a Boeing 747
    2. a glider
    3. the orbiter

  2. The orbiter uses what type of wing?
    1. delta wing
    2. sweptback wing
    3. straight wing

  3. Which part of the space shuttle is NOT reusable?
  4. orbiter
  5. external fuel tank
  6. solid rocket booster

  • Name the ``space engines'' used by the orbiter to enter, exit and change orbit.
    1. solid rocket booster
    2. orbital maneuvering system
    3. reaction control system

  • Name the airplane control surface that is on the trailing edge of the orbiter's wings.
    1. aileron
    2. rudder
    3. elevon

  • Name the engine system that is used to control the orbiter's motions of roll, pitch and yaw while it is in the upper atmosphere.
    1. reaction control system (RCS)
    2. orbital maneuvering system (OMS)
    3. orbiter reaction system (ORS)

  • What is the purpose of the S-turns during landing?

    1. to reduce heat
    2. to slow the orbiter's speed
    3. to burn extra fuel

  • The orbiter's split-rudder is used to do what?
    1. control yaw
    2. slow the orbiter
    3. both of the above

  • The orbiter lands on the runway moving at about what speed?

    1. 424 mph
    2. 215 mph
    3. Mach 1

  • One major difference between the orbiter and an airplane is found with what part?

    1. elevons
    2. wings
    3. engines

  • An elevon is a control surface that combines which two control surfaces?

    1. aileron and elevator
    2. elevator and rudder
    3. wing and aileron

  • At what speeds does the orbiter fly?

    1. hypersonic
    2. supersonic and subsonic
    3. all of the above

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