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Yeager Bio Scavenger Hunt

Using the resources listed below as well as other resources you might find in the library on or the Internet, find the information requested on the next page. You might not be able to find all the answers, but try to find as many as you can in the time your teacher gives you.

  1. The year Charles Yeager was born.

  2. The state in which Charles Yeager was reared.
    West Virginia

  3. One of Yeager's favorite subjects in high school.
    Mathematics or Algebra or Typing

  4. One of the sports Yeager played in high school.
    Basketball and football

  5. The armed forces in which Yeager enlisted.
    Army Air Corps or Air Force

  6. One of the jobs Yeager was trained to do in the armed forces.
    Mechanic or crew chief in aviation maintenance or fighter pilot
    or test pilot

  7. A special award or honor Yeager was given.
    Congressional Medal of Honor or Purple Heart or Bronze Star or
    Air Force Commendation or Silver Star or Legion of Merit or
    Distinguished Service Medal or Distinguished Flying
    Cross or Harmon International Trophy or Collier Trophy or Mackay

  8. One aircraft Yeager flew as a pilot.
    X-1, Starfighter, F-15, bombers, WW II fighter aircraft

  9. The year Yeager flew at supersonic speed.

  10. The name of Yeager's wife.

  11. One war or conflict in which Yeager served.
    WW II or Vietnam Conflict

  12. The highest rank he achieved while in the armed forces.
    Brigadier General

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