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Beyond Activity: Commemorative Poster


Posters have been used throughout history to inform people of events. From crude handmade signs posted on outside walls of buildings announcing a meeting or a yard sale to artistically rendered works commemorating special occasions or historical events, posters are forms of visual communication.

Commemorative posters are used to communicate a message of remembrance about a special occasion or historical event. These types of posters are designed in a variety of styles with special lettering that matches the style of art used in the graphic. The words and graphics are well balanced in their placement on the paper. Too many words or too many graphics will make the poster appear crowded. It will then be too difficult to read or understand. Make sure that the graphic represents the message the words are sending.


Design a poster commemorating the 100 th anniversary of the first supersonic flight which will take place on October 14, 2047. Make sure the words convey that remembrance message and that the graphic is historically accurate. Use the planning chart below to help you decide what words and graphics will appear on the poster.

Name of Historical Event
Date Special Event

Anniversary Year
Who was involved
Where it happened
Possible pictures that
could be used


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