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Using literature to integrate subjects through thematic instruction has become an effective methodology in the classroom. This section contains a mini-literature unit that correlates to the on-line literature book A New Regime found at the NASA Quest Web site given below.


The literature selection A New Regime is also found in a black-and-white print version in this PDF file and can be printed and reproduced for classroom use only. The instructor can use either the on-line version (which offers Quicktime video of the event) or the print version, or make use of both as each document is unique in how it presents the story of supersonic flight. This mini-literature unit is structured using the ``Into, Through and Beyond'' format. The ``Into'' section contains vocabulary exercises, introductory activities and discussion topics.

These are meant to motivate students to ``get into'' the literature. The ``Through'' section contains reading comprehension questions with answers, a sequencing activity and an exploration of figurative language. These are intended to move students through the literature reading. The ``Beyond'' section offers writing experiences, oral language activities and a visual design activity. ``Beyond'' activities are meant to encourage the students to further explore the topic of Captain Yeager and the historic supersonic flight.

These materials do correlate to the National Standards for English/Language Arts and Reading.


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