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the cover of A New Regime with a picture of Chuck Yeager next to  the x-1

Susanne Ashby - Author
Amberlee Chausee - Design, Graphics & Layout

Copyright Pending
February, 2000

This book is to be used with the Mini-Literature Unit as a part of the Regimes of Flight Online Curriculum series.

produced by

the Nasa Quest Logo
Ames Research Center
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Moffett Field, CA

All photos used courtesy of:
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

the regimes of flight logo

Edwards Air Force Base

A New Regime: The Beginning of SupersonicFlight is available in streaming audio. To listen to it you need to have Real Player installed on your computer. From the download
site linked below look for the reference to free Real Player. Once you have located the form that allows you to download the software, the information that you provide will instruct
the server to provide you with the appropriate version of software for your computer and connection to the Internet.

Once you have installed the free player, you can hear the narrated version of A New Regime: The Beginning of Supersonic Flight.



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