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Mini-Literature Unit
for the Online Book A New Regime

the regimes of flight logo

produced by
a NASA Quest logo
Ames Research Center
National Aeronautics and Space Admininstration
Moffett Field, CA

Susanne Ashby - Curriculum Specialist
Amberlee Chaussee - Production Specialist

Table of Contents

Correlation to the English/Language Arts National Standards
Curriculum Goals and Objectives
Into Activities
Vocabulary Glossary
Aeronautical Vocabulary Crossword
Aeronautical Vocabulary Crossword Key
New Regime Vocabulary Crossword
New Regime Vocabulary Crossword Key
Test Pilot: Strengths and Abilities
Test Pilot: Strengths and Abilities Key
Yeager: Bio Scavenger Hunt
Yeager: Bio Scavenger Hunt Key
Through Activities
Reading Comprehension Questions
Reading Comprehension Questions Key
Ten Important Questions
Beyond Activities
Writing Experience: Writing a Newspaper Article
Activity: TV News Report
Activity: Historical Interview
Writing Experience: Concrete Poetry
Activity: Commemorative Poster

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