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Overhead Informational Guides

- low speed a picture of an airship
- medium speed a drawing of a biplane
- high speed a picture of a military aircarrier
- supersonic speed a drawing of the SR -71
- hypersonic speed a photo of the x- 34

Regimes of Flight

Low Speed (subsonic) * 0 - 100 mph

* lightweight structures with small or no engine

* kite, balloon, hang glider, airship

Medium Speed (subsonic) * 100 - 350 mph

* propeller types with straight, thick wings

* Fokker, Junkers, Cessna, Beechcraft

High Speed (subsonic) * 350 - 700 mph

* powerful propeller or jet-powered engines with thin, sweepback wings and a sleek fuselage

* Boeing B-47, Vickers Viscount, Lear Jet, Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopter

Supersonic Speed * 760 mph - Mach 5

* high-powered jet engines, sleek fuselage with super thin, swept-back or delta wings

* Concorde, F-15 Eagle, Stealth

Hypersonic Speed * Mach 5 - Mach 10 (3,500 - 7,000 mph)

* rocket, re-entry capsules (Apollo), X-15, Space Shuttle, X-33, X-34

* high-powered rocket engines, short, thin wings, heat protection system

Low Speed

a drawing of a hot air balloon

a picture of an old glider

a picture of the wright flyer glider

Medium Speed

a drawing of a biplane

a drawing of a general aviation aircraft

a military planes

High Speed

a miltary aircarrier

a twin engine plane

a commercial passenger jet

Supersonic Speed

a drwing of the the SR-71

a drawing of the high speed civil transport

a picture of the Shuttle orbiter

Hypersonic Speed

a picture of the x-33

a picture of the shuttle orbiter

a picture of the x-34


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