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a crossword puzzel

Aeronautical Vocabulary Crossword #1 Clues

1 force that resists the motion of an aircraft throughout the air
3 loud sound made when shock wave reaches the ground
4 characteristics that enable flight
8 Machine made for flying
11 used to maintain normal atmospheric conditions inside a high flying aircraft
12 device that measures the speed of rotation
14 airplane control surface that enables pitch
15 moving faster than the speed of sound
16 airplane control surface that enables stable flight
2 jet-propelled device
3 _ _ _ _ _ wave forms in front of an aircraft flying at supersonic speed
5 abbreviation for National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
6 _ _ _ _ number that is a super sonic speed
7 compartment in front of airplane where crew works
8 the motion of air molecules around an object
9 aircraft speed category
10 rear part of airplane
13 speeds between Mach .9 and Mach 1.4



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