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Art Contest Prize Winners and Entries

The competition for this contest was very tough! The judges had a hard time choosing. Congratulations to the winners and all the entrants!

In the Style of Marc Chagall

Low Speed
Blake Herrmann, Grade 6, 1st Place

High Speed
Anni Spaith, Grade 6, 1st Place
Brian Alvarado, Grade 6, 2nd Place

James Saucedo, Grade 8, 1st Place

Kayla Perea, Grade 6, 1st Place

In the Style of Edvard Munch

Low Speed
Courtney Paterson, Grade 6, 1st Place
Ben Daters, Grade 6, 2nd Place
Jeanne Sandoval, Grade 6, 3rd Place

Medium Speed
Hanna Robinson, Grade 3, 1st Place

High Speed
Jacob Shank, Grade 6, 1st Place

Daniel Meyers, Grade 6, 1st Place

In the Style of Peter Max

Low Speed
Kendra Vasquez, Grade 6, 1st Place
Maria Gonsalez, Grade 6, 2nd Place
Nick Ward, Grade 6, 3rd Place
Karina Drew, Grade 6, Honorable Mention
Nicole McNally, Grade 6
Dustin Stolp, Grade 6
Amanda Hernandez, Grade 6

Medium Speed
Grade 4
Ben Moorehead, Grade 4, 1st Place
Peter Bonsall, Grade 4, 2nd Place
Troy King, Grade 4, 3rd Place
Patrick Pradey, Grade 4

Grade 6
Stacie Hoyt , Grade 6, 1st Place
Seanna Graham, Grade 6, 2nd Place
Jordan Cowley, Grade 6, 3rd Place

High Speed
Grade 4
John Boarman, Grade 4, 1st Place
Andrew Sapperstein, Grade 4, 2nd Place
Mac Sheain, Grade 4, 3rd Place
Nick Chagouris, Grade 4
Justin Buscema, Grade 4
Peter Bonsall, Grade 4
Jack Weller, Grade 4
Drew Rosenthal, Grade 4

Grade 6
Justin Miller, Grade 6, 1st Place
Michael Nicholaysen, Grade 6, 2nd Place


Adam Lang, Grade 4, 1st Place
Chris Suzdak, Grade 4, 2nd Place
James Crompton, Grade 4, 3rd Place
Michael Mules, Grade 4
Ben Maizlish, Grade 4
Zach Larsen, Grade 4
Paul Cochrane, Grade 4

Grade 6
Peter Cleary, Grade 6, 1st Place


Grade 4
Kyle Schaftel, Grade 4, 1st Place
Page Whitman, Grade 4, 2nd Place
Jack Keenan, Grade 4, 3rd Place
Jake Tyner, Grade 4
John Scott, Grade 4

Grade 6
Vanessa Vanderpool, Grade 6, 1st Place
Ashley Menking, Grade 6, 2nd Place


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