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A New Regime Reading
Comprehension Questions

After reading the story A New Regime, answer the questions below using complete sentences.

1. The author compares Yeager and the research team to whom?

2. Why do you think the author makes this comparison?

3. Name the two aircraft that are in this story. Tell which one is the mothership and which one is the experimental aircraft.

4. What were these flight tests trying to accomplish?

5. As the aircraft flew closer to supersonic speed what did Yeager's aircraft experience?

6. Give the date that officially marks the beginning of supersonic flight.

7. Describe what happens aeronautically to an aircraft as flies through the transonic regime into the supersonic regime.

8. What causes a sonic boom?

9. From what was the X-1's shape modeled?

10.Why did the aeronautical engineers use thin, straight wings on the X-1?

11.How did they improve the pilot's ability to control the X-1 during flight?

12.What does the author compare Yeager's X-1 flight to as it flies from the transonic speed through the supersonic speed?

13.What speed did the X-1 reach on this historic flight?

14. What did this flight prove?

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