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Experiment: Air Has Weight

Procedure Card


2 balloons of equal size
string or thread
yard (meter) stick
straight pin

Experiment Set Up

* Inflate both balloons as equally as possible.
* Find the center of gravity for the stick and tie the string around that
point leaving a length of 10 inches.
* Cut two equal lengths of string.
* Tape one end of a piece of string to one end of the stick and tape the
other end to a balloon.
* Repeat with the other balloon and string.
* Double-check the center of gravity on the stick.

Experiment Procedure

1. Hold stick horizontally by string tied at its center of gravity.
2. Observe and record.
3. Take the pin and carefully pop the balloon so that it does not
disintegrate into small pieces. It is important to keep the balloon
intact when releasing the air from it.
4. Hold stick horizontally by the string.
5. Observe and record.

a chart to record data about the questions, hypothesis and materials and procedures
a chart for recording data about observations, analyzing the data and drawing conclucsions


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