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Experiment: Air Has Stuff in It

Procedure Card


dry handkerchief or small cloth
wide mouth jar (empty and dry)
basin with water

Experiment Set Up

* Fill basin with approximately 6 inches of water.
* Bunch up cloth and secure it inside the bottom of the empty, dry jar
(with tape if necessary). Secure it in such a way that it will not drop
down when the jar is turned upside down.

Experiment Procedure

1. Hold the bottle upside down so that the bottle is perpendicular to the
surface of the water.
2. Quickly place the upside-down bottle straight down into the basin of
3. Hold it firmly down on the bottom of the basin.
4. Observe and record.
5. Withdraw the bottle by quickly bringing it straight up from the bottom
of the basin.
6. Pull out the piece of cloth.
7. Observe and record the state of the cloth and the inside of the bottle.


a chart for designing an experiment with places to record data for the question, prediction and materials and procedures


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