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Writing Experience: Airplane Discussion

Using the information gathered from your in-depth aircraft research assignment, work with your group members to write a discussion that takes place among a small group of airplanes. Have each member take on the identity of his/her aircraft and talk about their flight experiences.

Pretending you are the aircraft you researched, and include in the discussion some of your design facts, what kind of work you do, and an experience you might have had during a particular flight.

Use the writing guide below to help you get started on writing your discussion in script form.

Another Day at the Airport Comes to a Close

Vehicle #1:
Boy, practicing touch and go landings with that new pilot trainee sure is tough on my undercarriage.

Vehicle #2:
Oh, you Cessnas always think your work is so hard. Puttin' around out there is nothing compared to the long hauls I have to make.

Vehicle #3:

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