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TCA-5: The Low Speed Test
of the High Speed Civil Transport
Technology Concept Airplane

a picture of Mina Capuccio standing infront of the TCA-5 model of a high speed civil transport in the 12' pressure wind tunnel test space

in the NASA Ames Research Center
Twelve Foot Pressure Wind Tunnel

The Team, Field Journals, Related links

The Team

Meet some of the many people that worked on this wind tunnel test! Read their biographies below. Some people have written field journals describing their work on the test, below. This gives you different perspectives on how the test is going!!

To make this come to life even more, we will hold a series of chats with the team members! To see the chat schedule go to:http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/chats/

Linda S. Bangert, Aerospace Technologist
Rick Bell, Senior Specialist Engineer, Boeing
Mina Cappuccio, Aerospace Engineer
Dan Cooper, Instrumentation Technician
Kevin Copperfield, Intern Machinist
Bruce Gilbaugh, Engineering Technician
Bob Griffiths, Aerodynamics Engineer, Boeing
Robert Jercinovich, Instrumentation Engineer
Wendy Johnson, Instrumentation Technician, Langley Research Center
Chris Lockwood, Mechanical Engineer
Phillip Luan, Mechanical Engineer
Ed Pasiliao, Aerospace Engineering Technician
Tim Siebersma, Aerodynamics Engineer, Boeing
Charles Stangeland, Intern Machinist

Field Journals

Read the Journals of the people working day to day on the test.

The Test is Finished!, September 15, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Tracking the Vortex, September 3, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Finishing the Test Objectives, August 25, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Smoking out the Vortex, August 25, 1999, Bruce Gilbaugh
NASA Centers Work Together, August 19, 1999, Linda Bangert
Midway through the Test, August 18, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Planning a Wind Tunnel Test, August 6, 1999, Bob Griffiths
Instrumentation during the Test, August 4, 1999, Dan Cooper
The Test has Started, August 4, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Checking out the Model, July 28, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Preparing to Collect Data, July 21, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Introducing TCA-5, July 14, 1999, Mina Cappuccio
Instrumentation for the High Speed Civil Transport Wind Tunnel Test, July 9, 1999, Robert Jercinovich
Checking it Twice, July 23, 1999, Phil Luan

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The Wind Tunnel Operations Division, NASA Ames Research Center
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