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Our Class' Design Modification Submission Form

Directions for email submission:

  1. In the body of your email include the information required to complete the form below.
    Teacher's Name:  
    School's name:  
    Level (I or II)
    your name  
    your grade  
    e-mail address:  

  2. Then list each modification you made to your design.
  3. Explain after each modification the aeronautical reason for the modification.
  4. Attatch to your email a picture of your re-designed model. This needs to include exact measurements and/or be drawn to scale so that other classes can create the same model and replicate your tests.
  5. Put your data in column form that shows the distance your re-designed model flew on each of its trials.

    Trial Test # Distance
    3, etc

  6. If possible, attach any photos you have taken that document your work in a jpeg, gif, pict or tiff file format.
  7. Finally, send your email to: slee@mail.arc.nasa.gov

Directions for regular mail submission:

  1. The same as steps 1-7 above except write the information on a piece of paper and include any additional photos/pictures in the letter
  2. Send your letter with return address to:

    Right Flying Gliders
    NASA Ames Research Center
    MS T28H
    Moffer Field, CA 94035-1000

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