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During WW II, Aircraft Spotters, both civilian and military played a valuable role in our country's defense. They used "Spotter" playing cards to become familiar with shapes and peculiarities of aircraft from all countries.

This group of aircraft have their own characteristics: certain shape wings for fighters vs. bombers, different types of canopies for the aircraft's mission, different number of engines, etc.

See how sharp your observing skills are by matching the right three views (straight on, profile and bottom) with the right aircraft. Cut, mix and match, and paste these into the correct frame.You'll need to:

  • Print out the images of the planes (pages 1,2 and 3) and cut them into individual pieces.
  • Cut up 3 8"x11" sheets of paper. Use the 6 4"x5.5" pieces to place the three views of each plane. (use magic tape, paste or just place them on top)
  • Check your results with the answer key after you're finished.(no cheating!)
  • Add up your score.

 score 4 points each view in correct frame
  4 points each completely correct frame

So a perfect frame would be a total of 16 points. So if you have all six frames perfect, then that would be 96 points. Give yourself another 4 points for patience and persistence



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