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Right Flying Online Collaborative Bookmarks

by Jan Wee, NASA Quest Education Consultant

The Wright Brothers

AIAA Wright Flyer Project

    Find out the story behind the Wright Flyer Project! This American Institute of Aeronautics

    and Astronautics - Los Angelos Section web site details the Wright Flyer Project and building of the
    full-scale replica of the historic 1903 Wright Flyer and wind tunnel tests at  NASA's Ames Research
    Center, Moffett Field, CA,  scheduled for early 1999.
First Flight
    Read about the Wright Brothers, their first flights, wind tunnel experiments, access Shockwave
    simulations and movie clips.
National Park Service Wright Brothers Memorial
    Many resources including background info on The Wrights of Dayton, Predecessors, Kill Devil Hills: We
    Take to the Air,  The Wrights - Method & Inspiration, Showing the World, Principles of Flight.

The Wright Brothers
    Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village provides this resource on the Wright Brothers.  Included

    Milton and Susan's Family, Just Two Ordinary Boys  Job Printers and The Wright Cycle Company,
    The Making of a Flying Machine, Beginning with Gliders, The World's First Airplane,
    Chronology of Lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright,  Books to Read about the Wright Brothers
    and Places to Learn More about the Wright Brothers.
AAIA Wright Brothers Links
    Multiple links to related sites containing a variety of information about the Wright Brothers and
    invention of the airplane.
Aeronautics basics
Aerospace Team Online: What is Aeronautics
     Learn how airplanes fly! What forces act on an airplane? Can I see any of this myself when I'm flying on an airplane?

     What are the different types of airplanes?  By the way, do birds fly the same way airplanes do? Why does NASA
     study aeronautics? Where else on the Internet can I learn about aeronautics? An Aeronautics Glossary
Aerospace Team Online Using Research Tools to Design a Plane
    Look at the design process every airplane goes through and to find out how engineers
    use wind tunnels, computation, flight simulation, and research flights as tools to do the job.
Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
    A guide to understanding aeronautics.  How airplanes fly? What causes the lift that gets the airplane
    off the runway? How does a pilot control the movement of the airplane? The information at this site
    will give you a better understanding of how airplanes work. The site was prepared at NASA Lewis
    by the Learning Technologies Project (LTP) to provide background information on

    basic aerodynamics and teaching aids for secondary math and science teachers.

Plane Math
    PlaneMath, a place to learn cool things about math and aeronautics!  Lift Off (Applying Flying section)
    lesson will help you understand the phenomenon of "lift" through a puzzle.

See How it Flies!
    A book by John S. Denker about how to fly airplanes.  The main topics are:
    1) Perceptions: how to use your eyes, your ears, your fingertips, and the seat of your pants to
    gather the  information you need. 2) Procedures: how to use your hands and feet to make the
    airplane do what you want.  3) Principles: how to organize your thinking to make your flying easier
    and safer.

 The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
    Excellent resource on the Principle of Aeronautics for various levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced,
    Instructor, Espanol, Instructor, and lesson plans, curriculum help files, careers, activities, etc.

NASA Lewis Learning Technologies Project
    Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics, FoilSim software, aeronautics lessons and activities, wind tunnel web pages,
    and aeronauts 2000.  Educator resource links also included!

To Fly Is Everything: A Virtual Museum Covering the Invention of the Airplane
    Includes 1903 Wright Flyer simulator, 3D models of early aircraft, tale of airplanes, photo and movie gallery,
    digital library, plane database, etc.
Aerospace Team Online Resources
    Wide variety of resources including PDF downloadable Glider Kit, lesson plans on genearl
    commercial, research and aviation and wind tunnels.

Wind Tunnels

 Wright Flyer Online: Wind Tunnels
     Aeronautics glossary, wind tunnel video clips, and links to helpful information.

 Wind Tunnels
     Laboratories of Flight: Wind Tunnels by NASA Observatorium. Take a tour and learn about their
    origins and how they work.

LDAPS Wind Tunnel Curriculum
    The Baals Wind Tunnel plans which can be built for under $200 and can get about 30 mph in the
    test section (where the plane is). The complete plans for building one can be downloaded on to

    your computer by going to the Download  Page. If you would like to read about how to build the tunnel
    this resource is very helpful.
Wind Tunnels and fluid dynamics
    Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow, Reynolds Numbers and Dynamic Similitude by
    Norman O. Poff.
History of Wind Tunnels
    Whirling Arms and the First Wind Tunnels, taken from the book Wind Tunnels of NASA

     by Donald D. Baals and William R. Corlis

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