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[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 9 - 08:00:03 ]
Good morning everyone, Larry is here and ready to answer your questions?

[ Larry/Ames - 11 - 08:03:34 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] What model are you working on now Larry?
The HSCT 13.5% scale model

[ Larry/Ames - 13 - 08:04:20 ]
RE: [Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] Hello. You mention that you start with a blank piece of paper when you begin the design work. Do you usually have all of the design requirements when you begin?
Hi Deborah, No, we don't.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 15 - 08:07:13 ]
Good morning YpsilantiCOPE!

[ Larry/Ames - 16 - 08:07:34 ]
RE: [Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] If you don't have all the design requirements when you begin, how do you go about "filling in the blanks?"
We like to say "All design is an inward spiral around a point." Requirements change or develop over time, based on solutions and problems encountered during design.

[ Larry/Ames - 18 - 08:11:49 ]
RE: [Mike-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] Do you ever modify a design after the model has already been completed?
VERY good question! We are doing exactly that right now: adding remotly-actuated wing flaps and a second jet-flow-simulator to an existing model.

[ Larry/Ames - 22 - 08:17:17 ]
RE: [Daniel-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] Is the model you're modifying the HSCT 13.5%? Doesn't it cost a lot of money to change the design on a completed model?
YES to both. I have over 3000 hours logged and there are two other designers as well. At $60/hr...you see?

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 25 - 08:20:04 ]
RE: [Rachael/Home-rachael] Hello.
Good morning Rachael!

[ Larry/Ames - 26 - 08:20:12 ]
RE: [Daniel-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] So, if it costs so much, is there a lot of pressure to get the design perfect the first time?
Yes, but that's inherent to once-off work. Since there is only one shot, we do our best to make it happen.

[ Larry/Ames - 28 - 08:24:13 ]
RE: [Mike-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] What are semi-span aircraft models and reflection planes?
A semi-span takes advantage of the right-left symmetry. We only build one side of the model, in our case the left side. It's placed in the tunnel with the wing up, as if flying in a 90-degree right bank angle. It goes on top of the reflection plane, a big flat, horizontal surface like a flight deck above the tunnel floor.

[ Larry/Ames - 29 - 08:27:10 ]
RE: [Dane-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] You said in your biography that you have an idea for a book to write. What would you like to write about? Science fiction?
Sci-fi, yes. Or a story about interaction (conflict) between government and the aero industry.

[ Larry/Ames - 32 - 08:30:20 ]
RE: [Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] Does any of your work involve issues about commercial aviation safety?
Yes. We did a few tests to measure and predict the effects of wing-tip vortices on the control/stability of aircraft following each other, as on landing approaches.

[ Larry/Ames - 34 - 08:33:39 ]
RE: [Mike-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] When you were a commercial pilot, what kind of planes did you fly?
A truthful answer is: I have a Commercial Certificate, but I never made my living as a pilot. I have flown several different types of airplanes, sea and land, tail-draggers and tri-gear, all single-engine or non-powered (sailplanes).

[ Larry/Ames - 36 - 08:35:29 ]
RE: [Mike-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] What was the best part of working with Navy planes?
The hot pace of operations, the learning, the responsibility, the shipmates.

[ Larry/Ames - 37 - 08:38:19 ]
RE: [Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] How did you feel about working on the nuclear missile programs? Did that present any kind of ethical dilemma for you?
Not to appear insensitive to an important issue, but no, I had no problem. The Soviets were a very real threat when I was involved that way. Actually, I didn't dwell a lot about the Minuteman being a nuclear carrier. We had some technical problems to solve and we did it.

[ Larry/Ames - 39 - 08:43:12 ]
RE: [Daniel-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] Do all of the model designers know about all of the parts of the models or are there specialists for each section?
We build bridges which happen to look like airplanes. Steel structures (weight is no big problem), festooned with lots of data sensors. So there are only two basic specialties: structures and instrumentation.

[ Larry/Ames - 42 - 08:48:00 ]
RE: [Dane-Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] What do you mean when you say you "build bridges that just happen to look like airplanes?" We're building toothpick bridges now in our class.
The large models are usually based upon a massive "keel" structure, with a fairly light overlay of formers and fill to achieve the aero shape. This is much different from "real" airplane structure. It is massive, heavy, and fills most of the inside of the model. Real airplanes are hollow and light.

[ Larry/Ames - 44 - 08:51:27 ]
RE: [Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] What have been your most rewarding and most frustrating or disappointing experiences in your career?
Many rewarding times: the wake vortex testing, the F/A-18 nose-cone work, this HSCT...it's a long list. Biggest downer: 5 years spent on a massive model support structure that got bogged down in internal politics and wound up being abandoned.

[ Larry/Ames - 45 - 08:54:49 ]
RE: [Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] Are there any differences between working for a NASA contractor and working for NASA itself? What are they?
The contractors do the real work, because NASA hires us for our skills. The NASA people are mainly there as managers and directors. They formulate the goals and directions and fund the efforts. The contractors are mainly the ones involved with the "doing of it."

[ Larry/Ames - 47 - 08:57:49 ]
RE: [Deborah/YpsilantiCOPE] Thank you for your time. We are going to sign off now. I might also add that yours was a particularly inspiring biography for the young people to read. Best of luck with your project!
You do me an honor! Thanx. Larry B

[ Larry/Ames - 49 - 09:01:16 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Thanks Larry for a wonderful chat, and great questions YpsilantiCOPE! Can you believe it, I learned a lot once again!!
Susan, thanx again for including me. It's great fun talking about something one likes to an eager audience! Larry B


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