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Thu May 21 13:22:52 1998

[ Bill/NASAChatHost - 2 - 12:40:47 ]
This chat with Liza Coe will begin at 1:00 p.m. on May 20th. If you are unable to join us live, you may post a question here. We will try to have your question answered during the live chat. You can read the archived chat to see the dialogue and your answer. This chat is in moderation mode so you will not be able to see your question posted now although it is in our que.

[ Bill/NASAChatHost - 3 - 13:01:04 ]
Good Afternoon, we are ready to begin our chat with Liza Alderete

[ Liza/Ames - 5 - 13:06:02 ]
RE: [AndersonElemSchool] Would you like to go into space?
Definitely! I would love to be able to look back at the earth and be able to see further out into space!

[ Liza/Ames - 9 - 13:09:40 ]
RE: [Peter-AndersonElemSchool] When you were working on simulators did you get to fly one?
Yes, many times. I would often fly to make sure that the pictures we were generated out the pilots windows matched what movements the motion system was making.

[ Liza/Ames - 11 - 13:10:42 ]
RE: [Sarah/Greenmeadow] Liza, what is the most fun thing you ever got to do at NASA?
I think working with the astronauts was the most fun! They are real professionals yet they are very nice people too!

[ Liza/Ames - 13 - 13:12:26 ]
RE: [Chris-AndersonElemSchool] Are wind tunnel tests fun?
Yes, wind tunnel tests are fun! At times it gets pretty crazy because so much is happening at once. Sometimes waiting for the tunnel to get to the proper pressure is a little boring, but when the data starts coming in you get to see in real-time how the model is reacting.

[ Liza/Ames - 16 - 13:15:30 ]
RE: [Sarah/Greenmeadow] In your bio you said something about cosmologies for science I didn't get it?
A cosmology is how a person looks at the world around them. An example is that some people see science as something different from what "mother nature" does naturally. Other people see science and "mother nature" as being one in the same. After the chat, go look "cosmology" up in the dictionary - it will have a good description. It's a big word!

[ Liza/Ames - 19 - 13:16:33 ]
RE: [Kara-AndersonElemSchool] I looked at the website about your cd, can you buy it online?
The Exploring Aeronautics is CD and teaching materials are FREE! Just contact the Educator Resource Center here at Ames in late June!

[ Liza/Ames - 20 - 13:17:49 ]
RE: [Parker/HomesteadHigh] I read in the SJ Merc about a flight control tower being built at AMES, when is that slated to be completed
I'm not sure exactly when the tower simulator is going to be completed. I know that all the equipment has been acquired and they are now putting it together. We are making a CD for the FAA and plan to shoot some video for the CD in the simulator because it is so realistic.

[ Liza/Ames - 22 - 13:19:18 ]
RE: [Carmela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool] If you got to be an astronaut what type of mission specialist would you be?
If I were a mission specialist, I would be most interested in looking at the geology of the earth and I would also be interested in how the body reacts to microgravity. Of course, I would love to be a teacher in space too!

[ Liza/Ames - 25 - 13:21:23 ]
RE: [Peter-AndersonElemSchool] I was wondering if it feels like you are really flying in the simulators, are the astronauts pretty good pilots?
Flying a good simulator is very realistic! The Vertical Motion Simulator here at Ames is very realistic - that's why the astronauts like to come here. It is the only place where they can really feel what it's like to land the Space Shuttle - without really landing it. On the downside, you can get airsick in a simulator! Yes, the astronauts are EXCELLENT pilots!

[ Liza/Ames - 26 - 13:22:49 ]
RE: [Chris-AndersonElemSchool] Do you like computers and what kind do you like?
Yes, I really like computers. My current computer is a Mac but I've worked on PC's and many other larger computers. I like to program the computer to do things - like make pictures or control different systems - like a simulator.

[ Liza/Ames - 27 - 13:23:53 ]
RE: [Carmela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool] We thought the Exploring Aeronautics looked great on the website and can't wait till late June! Will they have it here at the Johnson Space Center in Houston also?
Yes, the CD and materials will be distributed to all the Educator Resource Centers at all the NASA Centers including Johnson. I'm really glad you liked the CD - we really enjoyed developing it!

[ Liza/Ames - 28 - 13:25:29 ]
RE: [Sarah/Greenmeadow] When the Wright Flyer comes to Ames's wind tunnel will you get to be part of the test?
Yes, I am providing the link between the engineers and scientists running the Wright Flyer test and the world of education - especially students and schools. Keep an eye on our Wright Flyer website - there will be lots of interesting things going on the site between this June and next January - when the Flyer goes into the tunnel.

[ Liza/Ames - 32 - 13:28:28 ]
RE: [Kara-AndersonElemSchool] Was it hard to make the CD?
It wasn't hard from a technical point of view, but it required a lot of teamwork between many different people. There were teachers, a graphic artist, programmers, photographers, writers, productions assistants and me all working together. Sometimes we all talk different languages because of our different backgrounds - so we talk a lot and come to agreement on what things to do. It's really a team effort!

[ Liza/Ames - 34 - 13:28:48 ]
RE: [Rachael/Home-rachael] Hello Liza
Hi Rachael!

[ Carmela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool - 35 - 13:29:50 ]
Do you know the next teacher astronaut will be?

[ Liza/Ames - 37 - 13:30:24 ]
RE: [Sarah/Greenmeadow] Will there be a pilot on the Wright Flyer in the wind tunnel?
There isn't a plan to put a pilot in the wind tunnel with the Wright Flyer. Though, unlike many other tests, the windspeeds are low enough (around 35 mph) that someone could be in the tunnel without being hurt. This Wright Flyer model wasn't really built to have a pilot.

[ Liza/Ames - 38 - 13:31:04 ]
RE: [Rachael/Home-rachael] Liza Have you ever been in space?
Nope, I haven't been in space but I sure would like to go!

[ Liza/Ames - 40 - 13:32:26 ]
RE: [Carmela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool] Do you know the next teacher astronaut will be?
The next teacher astronaut has been selected and she is now in training in Houston. She will be trained as a full-fledged mission specialist so she will have duties on her mission over and above her teaching duties. She will be very busy!

[ Liza/Ames - 43 - 13:34:11 ]
RE: [Peter-AndersonElemSchool] What is your favorite airplane
I really like many airplanes and it's hard to pick a favorite. The ER-2 is one of my favorites because when it takes off it goes almost straight up. It also has long, graceful wings and is a very nice looking aircraft. I also like the SR-71 because it looks so different!

[ Liza/Ames - 44 - 13:35:08 ]
RE: [Chris-AndersonElemSchool] Do you need a special computer for your cd?
Nope, the CD will run on either a Mac or a PC - there are some minimum memory requirements but we designed it so most home and school computers can run it.

[ Liza/Ames - 47 - 13:36:51 ]
RE: [Rachael/Home-rachael] How is it working at NASA and i hope you get to go in space:)
I love working for NASA and I recommend it to anyone! At NASA we are constantly looking toward the future and how to make the world a better place. We also work on discovering new things - just like Columbus and Admiral Byrd and other adventurers have done in the past.

[ Liza/Ames - 48 - 13:38:28 ]
RE: [Kara-AndersonElemSchool] Do you have to know a lot about math and science to use the cd?
No, you don't need to know a lot about math and science before looking at the CD. The CD is geared to grades 5-8 but younger and older students can enjoy it too! You will get to learn how an airplane flies which is both science and math - but it's not a lot of numbers or formulas!

[ Liza/Ames - 50 - 13:39:40 ]
RE: [Rachael/Home-rachael] Seems like everone at NASA is veay nice i have been to all the chats today and thay are all nice
That's a large part of the reason I like working for NASA - the people are great! It's a lot like a big family!

[ Sarah/Greenmeadow - 53 - 13:41:58 ]
What do you like to do when you are not at work or school?

[ Rachael/Home-rachael - 54 - 13:42:35 ]
Hi Leela are you homeschooled?

[ Liza/Ames - 55 - 13:43:27 ]
RE: [Leela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool] What is your favorite puzzle?
Hmm, that's a hard question! I like crosswords and logic puzzles (the kind where you read a story but they don't give you all the information so you have to put it together yourself!) I also like number puzzles. But my favorite puzzles of all are people! Because we are all so different when you meet someone and get to know them it's like putting together the pieces of a puzzle!

[ Liza/Ames - 56 - 13:44:16 ]
RE: [Rachael/Home-rachael] I'm happy to here you like working at NASA:)
Thank you Rachel! Maybe one day you'll come join the NASA family!

[ Peter-AndersonElemSchool - 57 - 13:44:25 ]
I like the SR-71 too are there plans for more x-planes

[ Leela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool - 58 - 13:45:02 ]
Rachael, Yes I am homeschooled.

[ Rachael/Home-rachael - 59 - 13:45:50 ]
Me too! Leela

[ Liza/Ames - 60 - 13:45:51 ]
RE: [Sarah/Greenmeadow] What do you like to do when you are not at work or school?
When I'm not working or studying (which isn't too frequently nowadays!) I like to do things out of doors like camping, hiking, skiing, fishing and going to explore new places. I can't wait for summer vacation!

[ Liza/Ames - 63 - 13:47:47 ]
RE: [Peter-AndersonElemSchool] I like the SR-71 too are there plans for more x-planes
There are always more plans for X-planes! Right now the X-33, X-35, and X-36 are all being developed. The "X" means that an aircraft is under development and since we'll always be developing new aircraft, we will probably always have X-planes! That's a sign that aeronautics is alive and well!

[ Rachael/Homeschool-rachael - 65 - 13:48:32 ]
Liza I love camping,hiking and the outdoors:)

[ Liza/Ames - 67 - 13:49:22 ]
RE: [Chris-AndersonElemSchool] Do you know java and C ?
I know a little bit of Java and I learned C++ for a class on computer graphics. Surprisingly, much of the programming done on the flight simulator computers is in Fortran! Even though it's an ancient language it's still very good for science and engineering. The wind tunnel computers use mostly C.

[ Rachael/Homeschool-rachael - 68 - 13:49:27 ]
Leela How old are you?

[ Rachael/Homeschool-rachael - 69 - 13:50:26 ]
I'm so happy to meet a homeschooler on here

[ Sarah/Greenmeadow - 70 - 13:50:35 ]
Have you ever found it frustrating to work at NASA?

[ Liza/Ames - 71 - 13:51:01 ]
RE: [Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool] How did you become interested in developing simulations? Were you into art in school?
I was lucky enough to get a summer job in the simulators right after I graduated from high school. I didn't know much about them before that but I got hooked after the first summer. That experience really helped me to choose my courses in college.

[ Liza/Ames - 72 - 13:52:03 ]
RE: [Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool] How did you become interested in developing simulations? Were you into art in school?
I forgot to answer the second part of your question! I like art and I like to make things with my hands - but I didn't realize how much I liked computer graphics until I tried it!

[ Leela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool - 74 - 13:52:09 ]
I'm in fifth grade. You can e-mail me later at Tallrocket@aol.com; then we can chat...We should keep the chat open for Liza now, ok?

[ Peter-AndersonElemSchool - 75 - 13:52:13 ]
Bye Liza thanks for chatting with us!

[ Liza/Ames - 77 - 13:53:55 ]
RE: [Kara-AndersonElemSchool] Do a lot of women work at NASA?
Yes, many women work at NASA. This hasn't always been the case just like in other companies. When I did my undergraduate work in computer science at UCSB, there were 3 women and 90 men in my class! Since NASA hires people who finish college, we are dependent on the colleges producing qualified female graduates which thankfully is happening more and more!

[ Rachael/Homeschooled-rachael - 79 - 13:55:56 ]
i'm in fifth grade too! sorry for talk too you:(

[ Rachael/Homeschooled-rachael - 80 - 13:56:40 ]
Thank you liza

[ Liza/Ames - 81 - 13:57:08 ]
RE: [Sarah/Greenmeadow] Have you ever found it frustrating to work at NASA?
Of course! Any career has it's frustrations! As everyone knows the government, which NASA is a part of, can be very cumbersome and slow at times! But, you learn to deal with it and get your work done! Sometimes, we get frustrated because programs are cancelled because Congress has other priorities - NASA is one of the few government agencies that Congress can cut easily! So it's very important for us to tell them and you, the public, what we're doing and why it's so important!

[ Bill/NASAChatHost - 82 - 13:57:42 ]
We have five minutes left in the chat please post the last of your questions for Liza.

[ Leela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool - 83 - 13:57:59 ]
Rachel, I am looking forward to chatting with you again. Liza, I hope we can chat again soon!

[ Liza/Ames - 84 - 13:58:00 ]
RE: [Bill/NASAChatHost] Did produceing the CD require any knowledge of C or Java? What is the language that Macromedia is coded it?
The programming language used on the CD was C. The graphics programming was done using a visual interface - not really a programming language, per se.

[ Liza/Ames - 85 - 13:58:36 ]
RE: [Rachael/Homeschooled-rachael] My dads friend works at NASA and we are going to NASA soon to see him.
Great! I don't know where you live, but if you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, come visit us at Ames!

[ Liza/Ames - 86 - 13:59:04 ]
RE: [Leela-Carmela/HeritageChristianHomeschool] Liza, Thanks for all the information. We'll be looking forward to more cool educational simulator software. You'll be touching all kinds of kids this way!
Thank you Leela - I really hope so!

[ Bill/NASAChatHost - 87 - 13:59:31 ]
There is another chat starting in 5 minutes. It is put on by the Neuron Project. You can find registration iformation at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/common/spaceday.html

[ Liza/Ames - 88 - 14:00:07 ]
Thank you all for coming to chat with me! I really enjoyed it! Maybe we can do it again soon!

[ Rachael/Homeschooled-rachael - 89 - 14:00:49 ]
i will e-mail you now leela

[ Rachael/Homeschooled-rachael - 90 - 14:01:33 ]
Leela see you in 5 mints

[ Bill/NASAChatHost - 91 - 14:02:33 ]
Thank you, everyone, for chating with us today.


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