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Tue Apr 21 13:02:02 1998

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 7 - 10:28:30 ]
Hello everyone!

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 9 - 10:30:29 ]
Good morning every one David is here and ready for your questions!

[ David/Ames - 10 - 10:31:51 ]
Good Morning! I hope I can answer all of your questions this morning.

[ David/Ames - 14 - 10:35:21 ]
RE: [BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool] Hi. What did you do as Agency Level Program Manager for the Aviation Capacity Program?
The NASA Aviation Capacity Program is a $400 million dollar program which entails working with the FAA in developing new technologies to improve the efficiency of airports.

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 15 - 10:37:55 ]
What programs have you worked on as Deputy Director of Aeronautics?

[ David/Ames - 18 - 10:41:02 ]
Bw....I am working on capacity problems at our airports with the FAA, quicker design of new airplanes with contractors like Boeing, and programs like the High Speed Civil Transport which will travel at 2.4 mach.

[ David/Ames - 16 - 10:38:09 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] What are the most important problems Aeronautics is working to solve currently?
We are working on programs to increase capacity, to develop technologies with helicopters, and to develop quicker ways to design airplanes using information technology in our wind tunnels.

[ Richard-AndersonElemSchool - 17 - 10:39:22 ]
Why did you decide to pursue aviation instead of biology or economics?

[ David/Ames - 20 - 10:42:34 ]
Richard, Funny thing, I have degrees both in biology and economics from UC Berkeley and Stanford. I found myself interested in aeronautics; in fact I am a pilot and enjoy airplanes very much.

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 19 - 10:42:07 ]
What is a normal day at work like?

[ David/Ames - 23 - 10:44:35 ]
Bw, a normal day is very hectic....lots of meetings, visitors from around the world. Decisions with reducing budgets, and personnel. The higher you go up in a organization the more you deal with people and money issues.

[ Sarah/Greenmeadow - 21 - 10:42:50 ]
What do we learn from wind tunnels and simulators, how do you manage them

[ David/Ames - 26 - 10:46:50 ]
Sarah, Wind and Simulators give us information which influence how we design airplanes. Its a low cost way of understanding the aerodynamic or human factors issues and possible solutions. We manage them as organizations and have specialists which know lots about how wind tunnels and simulators work.

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 24 - 10:45:22 ]
Exactly what planes have you flied??

[ David/Ames - 28 - 10:47:58 ]
Anders, I have flown Cessna 172's, skyhawks, which is a 4 passenger general aviation airplane. I especially enjoy doing spins and dives!

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 25 - 10:46:21 ]
Exactly what is the High Speed Civil Transport? How many passengers could it hold?

[ David/Ames - 30 - 10:49:51 ]
The High Speed Civil Transport is like the Concorde which the British fly but it will go faster and hold more people. The intent is for it to hold approximately 300 passengers; the Concorde only carries about 100.

[ Richard-AndersonElemSchool - 27 - 10:47:35 ]
Thanks for answering my last question. Did you have to get special training or learn more about aviation in order to become Deputy Director of Aeronautics?

[ David/Ames - 31 - 10:52:06 ]
Richard, I have worked for Ames in the Aeronautics program for over 10 years. I have been able to pick up many of the technical elements of our programs through assignments as program manager and project leader. I read a lot about aeronautics and I enjoy it very much. It is great when you do something you enjoy.

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 29 - 10:48:04 ]
Have NASA develop own airplanes??

[ David/Ames - 34 - 10:53:56 ]
NASA develops its own planes as x-planes. We recently tested a 28% scale model of the x-36 which is a tailess fighter to see how agile it would be. Usually when we develop airplanes we do it with an industrial customer.

[ Richard-AndersonElemSchool - 32 - 10:52:27 ]
How old are your children, Shauna, Kelly and Dustin? Do they want to go into aviation too?

[ David/Ames - 37 - 10:56:03 ]
My how time goes. Shauna is 24, Kelly and Dustin are twins and are going to be 18 next month. Dustin has been accepted to UC Berkeley in the engineering program and hopes to study industrial engineering and operations research; Kelly is going to UC Santa Barbara to study economics and business...they haven't caught the aviation bug yet but there is still time.

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 33 - 10:53:14 ]
Is there a lot of travel involved in your work?

[ David/Ames - 39 - 10:57:46 ]
Bw, quite often I fly to Washington or Langley Virgina...I have flown over 250,000 miles with the government and I prefer to stay home if I can....I really enjoy my wife and family.

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 35 - 10:54:16 ]
When did you get your pilot license

[ David/Ames - 41 - 10:58:49 ]
Anders, I got my pilots license a little over 2 years ago...it is never to late to learn new things.

[ Richard-AndersonElemSchool - 36 - 10:54:57 ]
What made you interested in biology, economics and aviation? Did you always know you wanted to do those things when you got older?

[ David/Ames - 44 - 11:00:21 ]
Richard, its an own mix... and I changed my mind often as I went through school. I decided to obtain a very broad education so that I would keep my options open. A good education in any area will prepare you for the future.

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 38 - 10:57:36 ]
Do you use Computers a lot in your job?

[ David/Ames - 56 - 11:07:07 ]
Anders, We use large Cray Computers or many smaller computers which we organize in a way to make them more powerful. Many of the computers we buy and the first of a kind and are used no where else.

[ David/Ames - 46 - 11:01:13 ]
Anders, we use lots of computers in our business. In fact, NASA has the largest computer capability in the world.

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 42 - 10:59:42 ]
How well did the X-36 testing go? How agile was it??

[ David/Ames - 48 - 11:02:20 ]
Bw, The tests at Dryden went very well with the X-36 and many of our engineers earned awards for their efforts......

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 43 - 10:59:52 ]
Do the Aeronautic develop Space-crafts?

[ David/Ames - 51 - 11:03:47 ]
Anders, NASA does develop new space craft......some to replace the space shuttle, some to travel back and forth once the space station is completed. These programs are worked in partnership with industry.

[ Richard-AndersonElemSchool - 45 - 11:01:06 ]
How long did it take you to get all of your degrees from college?

[ David/Ames - 53 - 11:05:42 ]
Richard, I was a hard worker...I received two degrees from Berkeley in less than 4 years and obtained my 2 masters degrees in a year each. I had to pay my own way through college so I was very motivated to get into the work force as soon as I could.

[ Richard-AndersonElemSchool - 49 - 11:02:56 ]
Mr. Picasso, I have to go now. Thank you very much for answering my questions Good-bye!

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 52 - 11:05:07 ]
How much do you think a Journey to Mars will cost??

[ David/Ames - 57 - 11:08:37 ]
Anders, It will cost a lot to go to Mars. The exact price will be heavily dependent on whether we can use the moon as a way station and whether there is water on Mars. Many of these areas are currently being investigated by NASA engineers.

[ Sarah/Greenmeadow - 54 - 11:06:16 ]
How do you decide what projects to work on?

[ David/Ames - 58 - 11:10:42 ]
Sarah, The projects that NASA works on depend on our Budget and what Congress directs us to do. I have always been interested in projects where I can see an end point and have something at the end which will benefit us all. Projects like the High Speed Civil Transport and Capacity are like this.

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 55 - 11:06:39 ]
Will children ever be sent to space [in the near future]?

[ David/Ames - 59 - 11:12:44 ]
BW, Not in the near future......but someday all of us may have an opportunity to live on the moon or another planet. Its amazing what can happen...just thing of the new technologies we are experiencing that are grandfathers and grandmothers did not...the future is uncertain but it looks very good that space will be a place we may someday have the opportunity to enjoy.

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 61 - 11:14:35 ]
Do you have tours at the Ames Research Center?

[ David/Ames - 65 - 11:16:28 ]
BW, Yes we do have tours at the Center and a Space Camp too. Its a great place to visit...we even had an open house approximately a year ago and over 200,000 people visited the Center.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 66 - 11:16:39 ]
To find out about tours at the Ames Research center Call 650 604-2082

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 63 - 11:15:31 ]
Do you work much with companies like Lookhead Martin, Mcdonnel Douglas or Boeing??

[ David/Ames - 68 - 11:18:04 ]
Anders, we work very closely with Lockheed and Boeing/Mc Donnell Douglas. As you may be aware Boeing and McDonnell Douglas have merged and are now one company.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 62 - 11:15:00 ]
This has been a great chat, thanks for the great questions and thanks for the wonderful answers David!!!

[ David/Ames - 69 - 11:19:13 ]
I hope I was able to answer all of your questions. Good luck in your studies and work hard toward your goals. Have large dreams and make them come true. Take care.

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 70 - 11:19:24 ]
OK Thanks David for the good answers and pleas visit http://www.say.org

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 71 - 11:19:25 ]
RE: [Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden] Please visit http://www.say.org
Great homepage

[ BW/MAC-B.W./CarlisleAlternativeSchool - 72 - 11:20:32 ]
You too. Thanks a lot for answering our questions. Bye everyone!!

[ Anders/Sweden-Anders/Sweden - 73 - 11:22:47 ]


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