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[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 8 - 09:51:15 ]
The chat will begin in ten minutes. I have spoken to Gus this morning and he has already been in the simulator cab. I hope he lands safely.

[ Christopher/Ames - 0 - 09:55:52 ]
Hello! I am here and ready to talk with you all, and (hopefully) answer any questions you might have.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 9 - 09:57:04 ]
Good morning! Are you having fun flying the simulator?

[ Gus - 11 - 09:58:15 ]
Susan, Yes it has been fun this morning! We have done some Space Shuttle training, engineering research and given tours!

[ Gus - 13 - 09:59:17 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Hello
Carl, Good morning! Do you have anything you would like to ask me?

[ Carl/homeschooled - 64 - 11:00:35 ]
Do you practice landing the shuttle without power?

[ Gus - 17 - 10:02:10 ]
Carl, If you mean landing without thrust - yes! The rocket engines are all off for landing so it is a 200,000 lb glider!

[ Gus - 19 - 10:03:06 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] I'm excited to be here
Jake, Hello there! I am excited to be here too. I have never done a chat before!

[ Gus - 20 - 10:04:39 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] What is it like to fly the shuttle simulator is it a lot different than flying a real jet?
Jake, It is different since the Shuttle is so LARGE and that you have to land it like a big glider.

[ Carl/homeschooled - 21 - 10:04:50 ]
Gus how would you compair landing a F/A-18 and a shuttle with no thrusr? hehe will they both drop like a brick?

[ Gus - 24 - 10:07:52 ]
Carl, As long as you have enough airspeed, they both glide okay. They do really come down fast though.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 25 - 10:07:59 ]
Welcome, Robyn and Sami

[ Gus - 27 - 10:10:58 ]
RE: [Robyn-Robyn/PaloAltoHighSchool] Hi Gus, Susan and everyone else. Gus, I was wondering if it was always your dream to be an Astronaut.
Robyn, For me it became a goal after I met an Astronaut while applying to test pilot school. I grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot (I flew F/A-18s with the Marine Corps).

[ Gus - 28 - 10:13:02 ]
RE: [Sami-Sami/RoyalJordanian] Have you experienced different aircraft behavior in terms of trimming and lateral control when operating at low altitude as compared to operating at high altitudes?
Sami, Yes, in particular the older aircraft experience more trim changes at low airspeed and Mach compared to higher altitude and Mach. Fly by wire aircraft are the most transparent to trim changes etc. throughout the flight envelope.

[ Gus - 30 - 10:14:10 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] How does the F16XL compare to other aircraft you've flown?
Jake, I have not flown the F-16XL myself, but I have met people that have have. they told me it is a fine aircraft that flies great!

[ Gus - 31 - 10:16:37 ]
RE: [Sami-Sami/RoyalJordanian] Please confirm that the Space Shuttle is the only vehicle designed to fly BACKWARDS AT MACH 2 !! I understand that this is performed when a mission is aborted and the Shuttle executes a maneuver to eject the solid boosters and orients itself for landing .
Sami, That occurs during a Return to Launch Site Abort (RTLS Abort). The vehicle does a powered pitch around and uses the main engines to kill its downrange velocity. At that time the solid rocket boosters are long gone. However you are still on the external tank (liquid O2 & H2) as you fly through the hot rocket exhaust plume.

[ Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool - 32 - 10:16:57 ]
I'm just starting to plan my high school classes. What are the most important ones to take to become part of the NASA test pilot program?

[ Gus - 34 - 10:18:26 ]
Jake, All are hugely important! You have to have good (okay great) grades. Most crucial are typically the math & science courses.

[ Gus - 35 - 10:20:10 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Does flying the simulator make you excited about flying the orbiter?
Susan, Yes it does. It is amazingly real and the Vertical Motion Simulator here at NASA Ames is the only sim in existence that allows us to train and simulate for rolling down the runway and malfunctions like flat tires.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 40 - 10:24:51 ]
RE: [Robyn-Robyn/PaloAltoHighSchool] I have to get to class, but thank you Susan and good luck Gus. Bye!
Bye Robyn

[ Gus - 42 - 10:27:47 ]
RE: [Sami-Sami/RoyalJordanian] Gus .. Ihave to leave this lovely chat. Good luck to you.
Sami, I got pulled off to take a phone call -sorry. Thanks for the questions.

[ Gus - 0 - 10:30:03 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Gus how did you like the FL Institute of Tech compared to somthing like Embry Riddle?
Carl, I really like Florida Tech. They have been extremely flexible with my crazy schedule! I have not attended any Embry Riddle classes, but understand they are a fine school.

[ Gus - 43 - 10:32:06 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] What has been the hardest part of the astronaut training
Jake, Hmmm, the hardest part has been learning all about the Space Shuttle, normal procedures and what to do when something goes wrong.

[ Gus - 46 - 10:35:37 ]
RE: [Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] In your training have you done any anti gravity simulation? What does it feel like. It must feel very different than flying a jet.
Cindie, As a part of Astronaut training we undergo zero g training in a large airplane specially configured for it. They fly a special climb and dive profile that gives us 20-30 seconds of zero g.

[ Gus - 47 - 10:38:03 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] What is a typical day at Ames like for you?
Jake, We arrive around 7:30AM to begin simulation around 8:00AM. We work engineering research or shuttle crew training until quitting time at 4:30 PM (with a lunch break). Then we will go run and work out at the gym until around 5:30 or 6:00PM.

[ Gus - 49 - 10:42:17 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] What kind of engineering research are you working on?
Jake-Cindie, We are working on a modified hydraulics system to the Space Shuttle. That way if two of the three hydraulic systems are broken, the Shuttle will fly better and safer!

[ Gus - 53 - 10:48:34 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Gus have you been training at Jhonson Space Center since 1996?
Carl, Yes, and I have really enjoyed it!

[ Gus - 55 - 10:52:19 ]
RE: [ANDY-Sarah/Greenmeadow] Since there is decreased bone marrow in space is there decreased red blood cell production
Andy, Hmm, I don't know. That is a good question!

[ Gus - 56 - 10:54:20 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] How well did your jet pilot training prepare you for flying the shuttle? Are the controls in the two aircraft very different?
Jake, The training was crucial! The controls are very similiar and flying it is very much like flying any other aircraft! Except with some huge differences!

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 57 - 10:55:03 ]
We are going to have to let Gus get back to work in five minutes send your final questions!

[ Gus - 58 - 10:55:32 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] I wonder if using fly-by-wire and redundant hydraulic systems would weigh more or less than just multiple hydraulics
Carl, It is fly-by-wire with multiple hydraulics. You have to have the redundancy for safety.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 60 - 10:57:41 ]
Wow! This has been a super chat! I was impressed with your questions kids! and thanks so much Gus!! We've really learned a lot!

[ Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool - 61 - 10:58:16 ]
Thank you Gus & Susan!

[ Gus - 62 - 10:59:05 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] What was the most suprising thing about the shuttle for you?
Jake, It was how well it flies and how small the living space is!

[ Gus - 63 - 10:59:54 ]
RE: [Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool] Thank you Gus & Susan!
Jake-Cindie, My pleasure!

[ Carl/homeschooled - 64 - 11:00:35 ]
Do you think they will let you fly somthing like an X-33 some day?

[ Gus - 65 - 11:01:00 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Do you think they will let you fly somthing like an X-33 some day?
Carl, I hope so!

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 66 - 11:02:58 ]
Good bye everyone! Thanks so much!

[ Carl/homeschooled - 67 - 11:03:09 ]
Thanks for the answers. Hope they build a horazontle take off and landing shuttle soon

[ Gus - 68 - 11:03:32 ]
Thanks for all of your great questions!!! No matter where you are remember to do what you love, work towards your dreams and do well in school! Semper Fidelis, C.J. "Gus" Loria

[ Jake-Cindie/JohnJacobMiddleSchool - 69 - 11:03:55 ]


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