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[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 2 - 11:58:53 ]
Welcome everybody our guest today Mina Cappuccio is an expert in Propulsion Airframe Integration

[ Mina/Ames - 3 - 11:59:17 ]
Hello Everyone. I am looking forward to talking to you all.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 4 - 12:00:51 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Hi Susan!
Hi Carl!

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 5 - 12:02:02 ]
How will the engines sit on the HSCT?

[ Mina/Ames - 6 - 12:02:49 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Hi Carl!
Hi Susan, The engines sit under the wing just like any other commercial jetliner. The only difference is they will sit closer to the wing.

[ Mina/Ames - 7 - 12:03:58 ]
Hi Carl, So far you are the only one on this chat. How old are you and do you like to be home schooled?

[ Carl/homeschooled - 9 - 12:06:18 ]
I"m 17 and yes I like it.

[ Mina/Ames - 10 - 12:06:58 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] What metal will they be using for the main airframe of the HSCT?
The material that will be used for most of the airplane will be aluminum, but there will be parts made of titanium to take the higher temperatures.

[ Mina/Ames - 12 - 12:09:00 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Will the engins be in external pods like a 747 or will the wings be big enough to hold them?
The engines will be in external pods that are very closely tied to the wing. The wing is too thin to actually hold the engines.

[ Mina/Ames - 13 - 12:10:28 ]
Carl, Have you ever seen pictures of the Concorde. The HSCT (High Speed Civil Transport) will look very similar to it.

[ Mina/Ames - 17 - 12:11:52 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] On the plane you described in you bio. How many engins will it have?
Hi Joey, The airplane will have 4 engines. 2 on each wing that are separate and not attached to each other.

[ Mina/Ames - 18 - 12:12:34 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Is there going to be fuel in the wings or will it be in a climate controled container some where els?
The fuel will be distributed in tanks in the wing. I am sure these tanks will be climate controlled.

[ Mina/Ames - 20 - 12:14:21 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] What are you working on now Mina?
Susan, I am currently working on 2 projects for the HSCT. One is an upcoming wind tunnel test that will take place in Virginia. I will be testing an HSCT configuration that has been optimized to give lower drag on a computer. The other project is going to produce a wind tunnel model where propulsion induced effects can be measured.

[ Mina/Ames - 22 - 12:16:13 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] How fast will this airplane be able to fly?
Joey, The HSCT will fly at 2.4 times the speed of sound or approximately 1632 miles per hour.

[ Mina/Ames - 24 - 12:18:31 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Do you know much about the engins? like how manny pounds of thrust and weight? I"m building up to a bigger question.
The thrust the engines have to be able to put out is equivalent to the maximum takeoff weight of the airplane. Right now the weight is around 800,000 lbs.

[ Joey-Joey/homeschoo - 23 - 12:16:48 ]
How soon do you think it will be before it will be ready for commerical use?

[ Mina/Ames - 26 - 12:19:17 ]
We are hoping the airplane will be available for commercial use in the year 2005.

[ Mina/Ames - 27 - 12:20:57 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] How will it compair to the Concord?
The wing airfoil shapes will be different than the Concorde as well as the planform because of the Mach number it flys at. The engine will also be better and not podded.

[ Mina/Ames - 30 - 12:22:30 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] What is the Planform?
The planform shape is the shape of the wing if you look down on it from above.

[ Mina/Ames - 32 - 12:23:53 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Wow if each engin is making around 200,000 pounds of thrust is it going to have to have thrust reversable engins?
The engines will not have thrust reversers on them. The only need for thrust reversers is to stop sooner on a runway. All airplanes have to certified without thrust reversers.

[ Mina/Ames - 34 - 12:24:52 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] Personally, how fast have you flown?
I have not been lucky enough to fly on a Concorde. My roommate has. She said that the airplane makes you jerk back into your seat when it goes faster than the speed of sound.

[ Mina/Ames - 38 - 12:29:25 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] What is the estimated cost of this plane?
I am not sure the exact amount. But I think it will cost over 100 million a piece.

[ Mina/Ames - 40 - 12:30:21 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] How big will this airplane be?
The airplane will be approximately 400 ft long and 120 ft wide.

[ Mina/Ames - 42 - 12:31:22 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] How much more runway will this plane need compaired to the Concord?
This airplane will probably use around the same amount of runway as the Concorde. The airports will have to be able to take this airplane without any changes to their runways.

[ Mina/Ames - 43 - 12:32:30 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Have there been any magor shape changes in the HSCT since the model was put into wind tunnels?
Not many changes. The model I will be putting in the tunnel was designed last year. The designers are trying to make changes that will improve the drag even more, but they are not done yet.

[ Mina/Ames - 46 - 12:33:56 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Mina, do you share information with people who are looking a different aspects of the HSCT?
We only share information within the HSR (High Speed Research) community. This a proprietary project, so detailed information can only be shared within the project.

[ Mina/Ames - 48 - 12:35:44 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] At the price you quoted what do you think the price of a ticket will be?
The ticket is targeted to be no more than 20% over a current ticket. The Concorde charges $2000 for a roundtrip between NY and Paris.

[ Mina/Ames - 49 - 12:37:24 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] About how many runways around the wourld will take it?
The airplane is supposed to be certified to fly over land and water, so that many runways across the globe can take it. The way this will be accomplished is to reduce the sonic boom sound level and reduce engine noise and emmissions.

[ Mina/Ames - 52 - 12:39:32 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] What kind of propulsion induced effect do you have to look at in the HSCT
Propulsion induced effects that will be looked at are the amount of inlet spillage and its effect on the drag of the airplane; nozzle thrust vectoring and its effect on the stability and controls of the aircraft; etc.

[ Mina/Ames - 53 - 12:40:01 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] About how many people will it hold?
This airplane plans to hold over 300 passengers.

[ Mina/Ames - 54 - 12:40:48 ]
RE: [Mina/Ames] Not much changes. The model I will be putting in the tunnel was designed last year. The designers are trying to make changes that will improve the drag even more, but they are not done yet.
Carl, Where are you? You had a bigger question for me.

[ Mina/Ames - 57 - 12:42:41 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Will it be hard to replace an engin or sevral magor parts or will this be like an F-22 that you can take out the whole engin and put one in with 3 wrenches in 30 minutes?
The reliability and maintainability of this aircraft have to be as good or better than commercial jetliners. The airlines will need to be able to turn around the aircraft quickly for its next flights.

[ Mina/Ames - 59 - 12:43:52 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Have you done CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) studies of the propulsion induced effects?
Some CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) studies have begun to look at propulsion induced effects. It is a difficult problem because of the added complexity of chemistry in the problem. This is an issue that has not been mastered in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) yet.

[ Mina/Ames - 60 - 12:45:27 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] Well I was thinking about the structural design problems of 800,000 pounds of thrust forward or backward.
The structural aspects of the problem are a challenge. Many types of materials are being looked at to take the loads. One of the materials being looked at is graphite composites.

[ Mina/Ames - 62 - 12:48:01 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Why do you have to go to Langley for your next test?
I have to go to Langley in Virginia for my next test because the wind tunnels at Ames are being refurbished. The tunnels at Ames won't be coming back up until 1999.

[ Mina/Ames - 66 - 12:50:26 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] What is inlet spillage and how does it cause drag?
Inlet spillage is when the engine is not taking in all the air coming toward it. The air spills around the engine pod because of some physical or flow phenomena. If the engine doesn't take in all the air it needs, it could flame or stall out. The results of air spilling is more drag for the airplane.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 67 - 12:51:09 ]
RE: [Joey-Joey/homeschool] Mina thank you vary much I enjoyed chatting with you. Susan, I think there was two different times schedule for this chat.
Where did you see the different times, thank you

[ Mina/Ames - 68 - 12:52:13 ]
RE: [Carl/homeschooled] How do graphite composits hold up to heat? I know thats one of the good points about titanium.
Graphite composites would make up the structure of the wing and will proably need to be cooled so it doesn't fail under too much heat. Graphite composites have properties that make it stronger and can withstand more heat than other materials.

[ Mina/Ames - 69 - 12:52:49 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Where did you see the different times, thank you
Joey, Thank you for joining me on this chat. I enjoyed your questions.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 72 - 12:59:16 ]
Thanks Mina and everyone! Great questions and great answers!

[ Mina/Ames - 73 - 13:00:16 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Thanks Mina and everyone! Great questions and great answers!
Thanks for letting me participate in this chat. I enjoyed talking with Carl and Joey.

[ Carl/homeschooled - 75 - 13:04:23 ]
Thanks for all the answers.


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