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October 18, 2000
QuestChat with Jim McClenahen

Air Traffic Control Analyst
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

last read Wed Oct 18 09:39:04 2000

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 7 - 15:28:36 ]
Welcome to the Chat with Jim McClenahen!

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 10 - 08:58:24 ]
At the end of the chat we would very much appreciate your feedback, please take a minute to complete the survey at http://quest.nasa.gov/activities/chats/feedback.html Thanks

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 12 - 09:01:46 ]
Good morining Chatters and Susan!

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 13 - 09:02:27 ]
Jim I was wondering about your trip to LAX, what kinds of observations were you making?

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 14 - 09:05:23 ]
Thats a good question, I was plugged in along side a controller working a position and listen to the operation (pilots and the controller talking to one another).

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 15 - 09:06:32 ]
What were you looking for?

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 16 - 09:07:09 ]
While plugged in with the controller, I witnessed how the different flights were handled, how they moved on the airport proceeding to and from their gates.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 17 - 09:07:52 ]
How will you use this information?

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 18 - 09:11:21 ]
We will use the information to develop a visual database for FutureFlight Central (a control tower simulator) that will be just like the current operation at Los Angeles Int'l Airport.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 19 - 09:12:34 ]
Why are you making a simulation?

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 20 - 09:14:43 ]
We will use the simulation to produce data for a runway safety project at LAX, providing answers to different safety related issues concerning the movement of aircraft on the surface of the airport.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 21 - 09:17:11 ]
How long have you been able to simulate a control tower?

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 22 - 09:20:12 ]
FFC was commissioned December 1999, we have completed two projects since then, one for Boeing Aircraft and the other for San Francisco Int'l Airport.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 23 - 09:23:52 ]
What have you learned from these simulations?

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 24 - 09:24:16 ]
Presently, we are involved in two projects, the first is providing training for the new SFO Int'l Terminal "A" Ramp Tower personnel, the other is the Runway Safety Project at LAX. We are activitly market the facility with up coming trips to Boston and New York (next month).

[ JimMcClenahen/AMES - 25 - 09:27:14 ]
We have be able to provide the customer answers to their questions, example, we provided recorded data for Boeing Aircraft Co concerning the intergration of pilotless aircraft (UCAV) operating on an airport with piloted aircraft. For SFO, we provided answers concerning a tower line of site issue for the new purposed runway relocation plan.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 26 - 09:30:25 ]
Thanks Jim, This has been very informative. I'm sorry our chatters didn't join in this morning. Hope you'll chat with us again.


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