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September 14, 1999
QuestChat with Dan Cooper

Instrumentation Technician
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 5 - 11:40:34 ]
Hello to our early arriving Aerospace Team Online chat participants. Today's chat with Dan Cooper from NASA Ames Research Center will begin in approximately 20 minutes. Be sure you have read Dan's profile at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/team/cooper.html to prepare your questions for today's chat.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 6 - 11:41:44 ]
Once the chat begins, Dan will do his best to answer your questions as quickly as he can. But please be patient! If Dan falls behind, we will MODERATE the chat. This means only a few questions will be posted to the chat room at a time.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 7 - 11:42:38 ]
During moderation, DON'T WORRY if you don't see your question on the screen immediately. We will post a few at a time to help Dan keep up with us.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 8 - 11:43:43 ]
At the conclusion of today's chat, please share your thoughts with us about your experience. You may use our online surveys at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats. We look forward to chatting with you today!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 10 - 11:58:37 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Hello
Welcome Holly!

[ DanCooper/ARC - 11 - 11:58:54 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Hello
Hi Holly, How are you?

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 13 - 11:59:13 ]
Hello and welcome to today's Aerospace Team Online chat with Dan Cooper form NASA Ames Research Center! Dan has many responsibilities in the twelve-foot pressure wind tunnel. He manufactures tables and test equipment, and connects various control lines. With the help of a special pressure measuring system, he also monitors the pressure of the lines and electrical connections. Additionally, Dan helps assemble wind tunnel test models, and ensures all test equipment is prepared properly for use in the wind tunnel.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 15 - 12:00:13 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Very good... how are you? I was wondering, it is such a priveledge to meet you... would you mind answering a few questions for my journalism class?
Why certainly!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 17 - 12:00:36 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] I was wondering, who else is here today?
Holly, we have several additional chat participants registered to chat with us today. However, you're the first to arrive. Feel free to begin asking your questions!

[ DanCooper/ARC - 18 - 12:00:55 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] I was wondering, who else is here today?
As for who else is in here...I am not sure.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 21 - 12:03:55 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Thank you soooo much... Here they come. How did you get involved with NASA after your embarkment from the Navy?
Actually more by luck I am afraid, I was just at the right place at the right time for the position but it's always been a dream of mine to do something unique and what could be more so than working on the world's only six-atmosphere wind tunnel!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 22 - 12:04:21 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] My computer seems not to be working here.
Holly, we're certainly receiving your questions fine. You may experience a delay as Dan formulates responses to each of your questions.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 25 - 12:07:27 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] ChatHost... thank you very much, I am recieving them loud and clear now. I may be a little computer illiterate. :)
No problem, Holly!

[ DanCooper/ARC - 26 - 12:08:23 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Do you have any special job functions? Anything you enjoy doing especially?
Yes, I love working on the aircraft models we test on...It's almost like working with toy models but these are made from high-grade steel and the tools we use are very fine. There's also the joy of watching the tunnel decompress; when this happens a mist forms around the models giving it an eerie effect.

[ Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool - 27 - 12:10:34 ]
That does sound like fun. On a lighter note, is there anything you like to do in your "off-time"?

[ DanCooper/ARC - 30 - 12:13:36 ]
when I am not working out at the gym, I enjoy out-door activities with my favorite being taking a ride on my Ninja motorcycle over shy-line [Skyline Blvd. - Hwy. 35 (California)] and sometimes north on [U.S. Hwy.] 101.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 28 - 12:11:29 ]
RE: [DanCooper/ARC] Yes, I love working on the aircraft models we test on...It's almost like working with toy models but these are made from high-grade steel and the tools we use are very fine. There's also the joy of watching the tunnel decompress; when this happens a mist forms around the models giving it an erie effect.
Aside from the fun stuff there is always the building of electrical cables as well as a pneumatic pressure lines that are made test-specific so every test is a challenge.

[ Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool - 31 - 12:15:36 ]
I have never ridden a motorcycle. ( see how much I get out! ) But I enjoy Chemistry and some of the more fine sciences. I am a pilot right now, and I am 15 years old

[ DanCooper/ARC - 33 - 12:16:23 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Have you ever had, what we call, our best times or worst times during your work there at NASA? Anything extremely interesting?
Of course; Our best times are when we put something together for the first time and it actually works as advertised...and of course the worst is when the test has to stop because something that you are responsible for doesn't work and you're under an enormous amount of pressure to fix it because tunnel costs per hour are so high.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 37 - 12:18:26 ]
RE: [Jaime-FranklinWI] Hi Dan, I was wondering what your family thinks of you working at NASA. If you have children would you like them to "follow in your footsteps?" Thanks!
Hi Jamie, My immediate family thinks it is great that I work for NASA...I don't have any children but if I did I would encourage them to do well in what ever that they enjoyed but exposing them to the sciences wouldn't hurt.

[ Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool - 34 - 12:16:53 ]
Good question... I was going to ask the same. Hello Jaime!

[ Jaime-FranklinWI - 35 - 12:17:28 ]
Thanks, Holly. Hi!

[ Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool - 36 - 12:18:22 ]
How are you today... nice weather where you are?

[ Jaime-FranklinWI - 40 - 12:20:59 ]
Holly, I don't live in Wisonsin all year round, but do visit once in a while. Right now, you can definitely feel fall coming these days.

[ Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool - 41 - 12:21:31 ]
Yeah, fall is of the question. :)

[ DanCooper/ARC - 39 - 12:20:09 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] I have never ridden a motorcycle. ( see how much I get out! ) But I enjoy Chemistry and some of the more fine sciences. I am a pilot right now, and I am 15 years old
Good for you, I always wanted to become a pilot and I still believe I will some day but for now I'll have to fly on two-wheels!

[ DanCooper/ARC - 43 - 12:23:16 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Dan, do you have any personal heroes?
Yes; Chuck Yeager, Buzz Aldrin, Shakespeare, Spiderman...a very long list of people and characters that provided me with insight and the desire to become more than I ever thought was possible...most of these people are just ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 45 - 12:23:55 ]
RE: [Jaime-FranklinWI] Well, I need to go now. Thanks for answering my questions, Dan. Bye Holly!
You're welcome Jamie . . . a pleasure.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 47 - 12:25:39 ]
RE: [DanCooper/ARC] Good for you, I always wanted to become a pilot and I still believe I will some day but for now I'll have to fly on two-wheels!
How are you doing in school?

[ DanCooper/ARC - 49 - 12:30:18 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] I think it is so neat talking to you. We have to do an interview article for our class. It never seems to work out for me, these chats, computers and technology just never seem to mix with me.
Thank you. I realize that school can sometimes be less than enjoyable. As a matter of record, I quit high-school to join the Marine Corps at 17 and finally finished getting my high-school diploma from college at 25. I could have gotten a GED but I have never failed to complete anything in my life and getting a diploma for me meant moving on. I now have a BS in Business. Education is a continuous cycle and it's been my belief that when you stop learning you stop living.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 52 - 12:34:15 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Me? I am doing great. I have Journalism first period and Honors Chemistry second period, which both of I enjoy greatly. Then 3rd period I have English and History comes last. I am maintaining a 4.0. :)
Fantastic, but don't forget the arts...music, painting and singing have been known to inspire some of our greatest minds...Sometimes we get so caught up with the pressure to succeed that we miss the opportunities to enjoy being alive or being a young. I had to grow up fast in my family and especially in the military but somehow I never forgot to take the time and smell the roses.

[ Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool - 53 - 12:37:00 ]
I think I am heading that way but I will try and steer away from it. :)

[ DanCooper/ARC - 54 - 12:37:33 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Robert A. Heinlein... what book does he write? I am always up for new books to read.
Robert Heinlein wrote the "cult-classic" "Stranger In A Strange Land", "Starship Troopers" and "The Puppet Masters"...All are considered classics and two have been made into movies with "Stranger" coming out in a few years starring Tom Hanks.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 56 - 12:41:06 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Yeah, I love school... I think it is better than sitting at home. I am joining the national guard in two summers, but that is just about all I am doing, other than my hopes to work for Nasa when I get older. Do you happen to know what effect, if any, Hurrican Floyd has on your working or Nasa's projects?
National Guard can always use a good pilot and I have no doubt that if you want to work for NASA you will...Success comes from trying. As for Hurricane Floyd, I've read that if the storm hits full force at the Cape then it's possible that 3 of the 4 space shuttle there might get damaged because the hangers they're in are not rated for that high of winds.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 58 - 12:43:54 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Wow... how did you know about the movie? I know I must be running on about everything, but I am just so excited and I am still in school. I have a soccer game in about 20 minutes.
If you look up http://www.creationsent.com and look under Hollywood news anything about science-fiction, Horror, Comic-book characters coming to the big screen is there...I always check it out every few weeks to see what's coming out.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 59 - 12:44:39 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] I really enjoyed talking to you and I hope you continue to enjoy your work... it has been the highlight of my life talking to you! :)
It has been a pleasure Holly, I hope to talk with you again soon.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 61 - 12:45:41 ]
Thank you for joining us today, Holly. Excellent questions! Are there any additional chatters online with questions for Dan today?

[ DanCooper/ARC - 62 - 12:45:42 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Well, I know I regret having a soccer game today! I really must run. Would you like to stay in contact with me?

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 64 - 12:47:08 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Email? Snail mail? Anything? :)
Holly, you can send your contact information to me (ocox@mail.arc.nasa.gov) and I will pass any information along to Dan.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 65 - 12:47:09 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Email? Snail mail? Anything? :)
Looking forward to hearing from you.

[ DanCooper/ARC - 67 - 12:48:27 ]
RE: [Holly-HollyMorrison/KaneHighSchool] Same here... have a nice day, and thank you for taking your time out to answer my questions.! :) See you later! Bye!
Bye Holly.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 69 - 12:58:22 ]
We will now be ending today's chat with Dan Cooper. Our very special thanks to Dan for his thoughtful answers to our questions today.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 70 - 12:59:17 ]
Be sure to visit our QuestChat Information Center and share your thoughts about today's chat with us at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats. An archive of today's chat will be available online within the next few days.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 71 - 13:00:01 ]
Join us for our next High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) chat with Bob Griffiths from Boeing. Read Bob's profile at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/team/griffiths.html to prepare your questions. Have a great day!


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