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May 9, 2000
QuestChat with Mary Reveley

Aerospace Engineer
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 4 - 08:53:10 ]
Hello! Welcome to another Aerospace Team Online QuestChat! Our chat today is with aerospace engineer Mary Reveley. Mary is standing by and is ready to answer all of your questions. Be sure you have read Mary's bio -- http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/team/reveley.html

[ Shirle/Oregon - 5 - 09:03:12 ]
I read in your journal about the rocket-based combined cycle engine. How close is NASA(or anyone) to developing this type of craft for space or other use?

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 6 - 09:03:55 ]
Hi Shirle! Mary will start answering questions momentarily! We're really glad you could make it today!

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 8 - 09:04:40 ]
Welcome Melanie! Please TURN OFF YOUR ALL CAPS! It's hard to read; it's like shouting! Thanks :-)

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 9 - 09:07:03 ]
good morning everyone, I'm ready for your questions!

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 11 - 09:10:04 ]
Shirle: There's still a lot of work to be done on the rocket-based combined cycle engine. Part of the problem is with the way research is funded. lately NASA is more interested in space travel and space related research.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 13 - 09:11:57 ]
: I have a degree in aeronautical engineering and a masters in business admininstration

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 15 - 09:14:34 ]
RE: [MELANIE] I am interested in becoming a shuttle pilot. You say that you studied airplanes. I was thinking of going into the airforce, strictly for this position. Do you think that is a good move?
Yes, Sounds like a very good move. Actually I originally also wanted to be an airforce pilot but my vision isn't so great. I would also study engineering as a good educational background.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 18 - 09:21:01 ]
RE: [Shirle/Oregon] How does NASA decide how to spend their money? I would think the rocket-based...(what a mouthful) would be valuable for both space and regular planes.
Congress and the president have the ultimate say in where the money is spend. For example so much on the space shuttle, so much on the international space station, so much on aeronautics. NASA then decides within those bounds the details of how the money is spend. Yes the rocket based combined cycle would be very useful. It could be used to fly an aircraft from the ground into the upper atmosphere and back again. It could replace the space shuttle.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 19 - 09:23:32 ]
RE: [MELANIE] Approximately, what is a reasonable time frame to achieve a this goal, in your opinion?
To become an astronaut might take a while. You might be in your thirties or forties before you are chosen as an astronaut. I am certainly not an expert on how to become an astronaut. I have a friend here at Glenn that has been trying for a number of years. I believe that she is in her early thirties. Sometimes the new class of astronauts comes here to Glenn and they seem to be in their thirties.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 20 - 09:24:23 ]
RE: [MELANIE] Approximately, what is a reasonable time frame to achieve a this goal, in your opinion?
It would be interesting to find the average age of astronauts flying today. Do you know?

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 22 - 09:25:46 ]
RE: [MELANIE] Approximately, what is a reasonable time frame to achieve a this goal, in your opinion?
Perhaps by the time that you become an astronaut, we will no longer be flying the space shuttle, but some other type of vehicle- maybe a rocket-based combined cycle vehicle!

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 23 - 09:26:47 ]
RE: [MaryReveley/GRC] It would be interesting to find the average age of astronauts flying today. Do you know?
Mary and Melanie: I hosted a chat at 6 am today with Kathy Clark, the chief scientist of the International Space Station and she said the average age of astronauts today is 39 years old. Kathy has been applying to be an astronaut for the past 14 years and says she will continue to do so until she is selected :-)

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 26 - 09:31:22 ]
RE: [MELANIE] I don't know the average age of astronauts flying today, but I will surely research it.
For more information on how to become a shuttle astronaut go to: http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/more.html

[ MELANIE - 27 - 09:32:04 ]
I would imagine so. My goal is set right now at being in space by my thirtieth birthday. That gives me 12 years to prepare.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 30 - 09:32:49 ]
RE: [MELANIE] I knew that it was a tough position, but I didn't know the intensity. It would be easier to become a brain surgeon... but this is my passion.
If you want to be an astronaut, go for it!

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 31 - 09:34:10 ]
RE: [MELANIE] I know that alot of research is being conducted around Mars right now. Are you aware of how often trips to Earth's moon are taken?
do you mean manned missions or non-manned missions

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 33 - 09:35:45 ]
RE: [pradeepdixit] dear mary have u recieved my message?
Yes, we are receiving your question, again and again. However, it is not pertinent to the aerospace engineering subject of today's chat. Please stick to the subject matter at hand today. Thanks!

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 34 - 09:37:40 ]
For further info on what Mary does in her job, please refer to her bio at: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/team/reveley.html -- Thanks!

[ MELANIE - 35 - 09:38:00 ]
I mean manned misssions.

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 38 - 09:38:58 ]
RE: [Nadia] hi there
Hi Nadia! Do you have any questions for Mary today?

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 40 - 09:39:32 ]
RE: [MELANIE] I mean manned misssions.
The last manned mission to the moon were the Apollo missions which I believe ended in the early 70's. I have heard nothing about any more such missions. I believe that the focus is now on Mars and sending a man/woman there.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 41 - 09:40:02 ]
RE: [MELANIE] Did you have any help from EPSCoR when you went to college? How would that look on my resume.
what is EPSCoR?

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 45 - 09:42:07 ]
RE: [Nadia] hi there, i just wanted to know what it is like to live a life as an astronomer. My ambition is to be one to. I was wondering about what types of grades u will have to get
Mary is NOT an astronomer! She is an aerospace engineer! Please read Mary's bio in order to form relevent questions: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/team/reveley.html

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 46 - 09:43:15 ]
RE: [Alicia] Hi Ms. Revely, I am majoring in electrical engineeing at the Univesity of Alaska Faibanks. (I've yet to have my first engineering class, however.) I plan on earning a commission in the Air Force. Do you know what an engineer could do with their degree in the Air Force?
Alicia- hello! I could be wrong, but I believe that to be an officer or pilot in the air force you must also have a bachelor's degree from college. The Air Force just like needs people of many talents to keep it running smoothly. I have never been in the Air Force so I am not the best person to ask questions about it. Perhaps you have someone at your the University of Alaska that might better answer your question.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 49 - 09:44:27 ]
RE: [Alicia] Aerospace Engineering is available for graduate study here at my university. How highly would you reccomend that above other things to study in graduate school?
That depends on what your final goal is. If like Melanie, you want to be an astronaut and/or pilot it would be a great background to have.

[ MELANIE - 50 - 09:44:54 ]
Oh, it is jst a financail assistance program that NASA offers to various colleges and universities to the students that study certain fields.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 51 - 09:45:16 ]
RE: [Nadia] i wanted to know what type of grades do u have to get to work in NASA?
When I started here you had to have a 3.00 grade average or better.

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 52 - 09:45:45 ]

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 53 - 09:46:16 ]
RE: [MELANIE] EPSCoR stands for "Experimental Programs to Stimulate Competitve Research"
Sounds interesting, I thing it would be good to put that on your resume and be ready to talk about it in interviews. Can you tell me more about it right now?

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 57 - 09:49:12 ]
RE: [Alicia] Your job seems right out of a sci fi novel. Is that the way it feels to you? I would love a career such as one you have. :)
My job might seem out of this world, but I sit in a cubicle just like Dilbert in front of my computer! I am very glad to be working at NASA. I remember when I first got my job here 10 years ago how excited I was. I do get to see and be involved in a lot of new and exciting research.

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 58 - 09:49:39 ]
EVERYONE: At the end of today's chat, please fill out a short chat survey form to let us know how we did. You can find it at: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys -- Thanks!!

[ Alicia - 60 - 09:50:09 ]
Thank you for your time, Ms Revelry. I have appeciated it.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 61 - 09:50:37 ]
RE: [Nadia] what type of grades did u have to get to become an aerospace engineer
I am no genius, I squeaked out a 3.01 grade average. Engineering was very tough for me! I found in school that a good way to get through was to have a study group. The group helps each other along the way. To go it alone would have been impossible for me.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 62 - 09:51:55 ]
RE: [Alicia] Ms Revelry, I would like to know how challenging you think it was to get where you are today, woking with Nasa, and small kids and all, because it is vey likely that I will try to follow your footsteps. How did you deal with your challanges?
You have to be very organized and decided what your priorities are. Also it helps that I have a very understanding boss. He allows me flexible work hours so that I can balance my family with work.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 63 - 09:53:08 ]
RE: [Shirle/Oregon] Last year you were doing estimates of the costs involved in developing the rocket-based... Did you ever come up with a price tag on that? Also I was looking for some information on above mentioned engine and can't find anything, any suggestions?
I actually haven't done any cost estimating on the rock-based combined cycle engine. We are currently trying to develop tools that will help us to estimate the development, manufacturing and operational cost of this engine.

[ Alicia - 64 - 09:53:12 ]
AMEN to study groups! That is the only way to go!

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 65 - 09:53:42 ]
RE: [Alicia] Thank you for your time, Ms Revelry. I have appeciated it.
you are most welcome! Good luck with your education and career path!

[ Alicia - 66 - 09:54:30 ]
Okay, thank you for the advice. I will take it. See you when I am thirty. LOL.

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 68 - 09:57:00 ]
RE: [MELANIE] Mary, I am not very interested in math or chemistry. Is there alot of that education involved in becoming an aerospace engineer.
To become and aerospace engineer, you need to go through four years of college and yes it does involve a lot of math. I didn't like chemistry much either, but I do like math. I think you'll find that math is used in many different fields, so maybe there's a way that you might find it more interesting?

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 69 - 09:58:04 ]
EVERYONE: It's time to let Mary get back to work today. Thank you for coming to today's chat and for your questions! We hope you can join us again for another chat very soon! Mary's chat will be archived later this afternoon. All best wishes for your bright futures :-)

[ Shirle/Oregon - 70 - 09:59:23 ]
Thank you!

[ MELANIE - 71 - 09:59:23 ]
Thank you very much!!!

[ MaryReveley/GRC - 72 - 10:01:24 ]
Good bye everyone. Thanks for chatting with me and good luck with becoming astronauts, pilots, engineers or whatever you choose!

[ Alicia - 73 - 12:15:01 ]
Yes, thank you,it was a lot of fun!

[ Alicia - 74 - 12:15:16 ]
hahahaha! Math is very funny sometimes. You can change you attitude about math. :) I have. I love it now. Same for you Ms. Revely?


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