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April 27 1999
QuestChat with Ray Oyung

Research Coordinator
Fatigue Countermeasures Program
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 0 - 09:54:02 ]
Today's Aerospace Team Online chat with Ray Oyung will begin in about an hour. Be sure to read Ray's bio prior to the chat-- http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/team/ray.html

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 1 - 09:54:34 ]
Some words of wisdom from Ray's bio: "Never be afraid to ask questions!"

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 7 - 11:08:42 ]
Hello Mrs. Mock and 2nd graders! Welcome :-) Ray is standing by...

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 8 - 11:10:48 ]
Welcome to today's chat with Ray Oyung. Ray is part of a team that works in the Fatigue Countermeasures Program. The team tries to find ways to reduce the effects of fatigue, sleep loss, and disruptions to the body's internal clock on flight crews during flight operations. Ray is also part of a research team.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 12 - 11:13:33 ]
RE: [Katie2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you know many astronauts?
Hi Katie...and good morning to everyone coming into the chat session... I have had the opportunity to meet several astronauts from STS-85, STS-90, and STS-95. They are definitely fun people to hang around. All of them have a really good sense of humor...

[ RayOyung/ARC - 15 - 11:15:23 ]
RE: [Nima2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What did you like best about 2nd grade?
Hi Nima. I'm not sure I remember much about the second grade. I do remember recess always being a fun time, but I remember the reading sessions during class were fun too. Mrs. Hoffman (my second grade teacher) was a really good story teller.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 16 - 11:16:26 ]
RE: [Erica2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Are you married?
Good morning Erica. I'm not married yet, but would like to get married sometime in the future and start a family.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 19 - 11:18:48 ]
RE: [Neda2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you like to fly planes? Have you seen the Wright Brothers plane?
Good morning Neda. I do like to fly planes whenever I find the time. There's nothing like flying around the Bay Area at 1200 feet above the ground on a nice sunny day :-) I did see the Wright Brothers plane for a little while. We also had a replica of one at the University I attended many moons ago...

[ RayOyung/ARC - 21 - 11:21:55 ]
RE: [Nima2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Did you ever go up into space? Do you want to?
Good question Nima. I've never been in space before, but have dreamed about it once in awhile. After hearing from Steve Robinson (payload commander for STS-95) and seeing the video and slides he presented to our flying club a little while ago, it still sticks in the back of my mind. I'll send a jounal about the other aspects of the international space station and the mission to mars soon so you folks can day dream a little too about things you might be able to do in space!

[ RayOyung/ARC - 23 - 11:25:17 ]
RE: [Erica2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you know alot about the Wright Brothers?
Hi Erica, I don't know a whole lot about the Wright Brothers. I think it's interesting that they worked in a bicycle shop and had the creative vision to build something that could make a person travel through the air. Always keep your dreams alive and with a little motivation, hard work, and luck you can make your dreams come true too.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 26 - 11:26:54 ]
RE: [Nima2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you travel around the world?
Hi Nima, I've traveled to several places in the world for work. I've been to Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. I've taken only one vacation out of the country and that was to China last September.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 28 - 11:28:51 ]
RE: [Katie2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you have a telescope at home? Do you like looking at space?
Hi Katie, I don't have a telescope at home, but I do like looking up at the stars at night. I live in San Francisco and the city lights drown out all but the brightest stars.

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 30 - 11:31:02 ]
RE: [MrsMock/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Neda, Erica, Nima and Katie have to go back to class. A new group is coming to ask questions. They thank you very much.
Goodbye Neda, Erica, Nima and Katie! You asked some great questions :-) We look forward to chatting with you again!

[ RayOyung/ARC - 31 - 11:31:56 ]
RE: [Neda2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] How long would it take to fly to Mars?
Good question Neda, There was a presentation a couple of months ago from an offical at Johnson Space Center who was briefing us on the aspects of a mission to Mars. I think he mentioned it would take about 8 months. I'll check on that one and send the information in my next journal. Just off hand, I think over the next week or two, we should be able to see Mars in the night sky. It should look like a bright red dot up there...

[ RayOyung/ARC - 33 - 11:34:32 ]
RE: [Erica2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you have a Chinese name? How do you say it?
I do have a chinese name and if I had a chinese character generator on my computer, I could send you the characters. It basically means humble heart.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 34 - 11:35:47 ]
RE: [Nima2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you ever forget what question you were going to ask? I keep thinking of good ones and then I forget.
Hi Nima, Sometimes I do forget and need to write the questions down on a notepad. This always helps me.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 37 - 11:42:01 ]
RE: [MrsMock/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] The next group will be here in a few minutes. I will be printing the chat for the whole 2nd grade class to read. Can you explain what you do in simple terms that the younger students can understand? They have a hard time with your bio because of all the big words. :-)
Sure thing! Basically, I'm part of a team leaning how people who work in a 24 hour work environment (like people in the aiplane and space industry) sleep. After we learn about how these folks sleep, we can help them stay awake while they're at work whether the office is in an airplane or a space shuttle.

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 42 - 11:44:21 ]
RE: [MrsMock/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Cyril, Corina, Ashleigh and another Erica are now here, thinking of questions.
Welcome Cyril, Corina, Ashleigh and Erica#2! Very glad you could join us today. Ray is looking forward to answering your questions!

[ RayOyung/ARC - 45 - 11:47:27 ]
RE: [Cyril/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What kind of new things do they do to keep pilots from getting tired?
Hi Cyril! Good question. Pilots in the past would learn to do things to help them from getting tired by "pushing through" the sleepy times. Sometimes they would do things to try to stay alert like eating, stretching, or drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee. Our group mainly helps these folks out by teaching them how sleep works in the human body. Based on this foundation, we can provide tips on how they can stay alert when they need to. There's more information on this subject in one of my journal articles. I'll look for it and modify it a bit for you.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 47 - 11:48:50 ]
RE: [Ashleigh3rd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] How do pilots know what button to push when theres all those buttons to push?
Great question Ashleigh! Pilots are trained on what all the buttons are for. Each one has a specific function to operate the various systems like gas, electricity, air conditioning...it's almost like a car that way...

[ MrsMock/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona - 49 - 11:51:46 ]
The 2nd and 3rd graders are very excited that you are going to modify a journal for them to read. Thank you!

[ RayOyung/ARC - 51 - 11:52:28 ]
RE: [Corina3rd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What does it look like inside of the cockpit?
Hi Corina, It's an interesting question you have there. Cockpits vary from airplane to airplane but have the same basic buttons, dials, and gauges. Again, it's like a car that way. My Dad's truck looks a bit different from my car, but they have the same basic controls.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 53 - 11:54:42 ]
RE: [Cyril3rd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you ever study fireman?
Hi Cyril, We haven't studied folks from the fire department, but we have helped people in the military, the FBI, CIA, police department, train drivers, and marine (boat) drivers.

[ CorinaAshleighEricaCyril/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona - 54 - 11:56:04 ]
It is almost time for us to go back to class. Thank you very much for this chat. We loved it very much.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 55 - 11:58:02 ]
RE: [Erica2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Why do people get so tired in airplanes?
Hi Erica, That's a good question. People may get tired in airplanes for different reasons. Some may have stayed up too late the previous night. For those on really long international flights, their bodies go through cycles of being tired and alert over the length of the flight. So in those cases, it would be natural to get tired on these long flights.

[ MrsMock/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona - 56 - 11:58:13 ]
Thank you Ray and Sandy. The 2nd/3rd grade class participants have returned to their classroom very excited about this chat. Thank you very, very much for your time!

[ Sandy/NASAChatHost - 57 - 11:59:57 ]
RE: [CorinaAshleighEricaCyril/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] It is almost time for us to go back to class. Thank you very much for this chat. We loved it very much.
We're so glad that you could join us today! All of your quetions were terrific :-) Be sure to fill out the short chat survey at-- http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys to let us know what you thought about this chat. Look forward to chatting with you again very soon!

[ RayOyung/ARC - 58 - 12:01:27 ]
RE: [Ashleigh3rd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Where do they land the space shuttle?
Hi Ashleigh, There are many places to land the space shuttle but only 2 are well known. One is in Southern California and the other is in Florida at Cape Canaveral. Since there are no usable engines on the shuttle as it comes back to earth, plans were made to expect anything as the shuttle approaches. If an alternate were needed, then they would have one available.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 59 - 12:03:29 ]
RE: [Erica2nd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Have you ever met John Glenn?
Hi Erica, I have met Senator Glenn. He's a very nice man with lots of energy and a very positive attitude on life. This last characteristic is what I think helps him achieve all the great things he's done so far in his life.

[ RayOyung/ARC - 60 - 12:12:18 ]
RE: [Corina3rd/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Have you ever seen the wind tunnel where they tested the Wright Flyer? Our computer teacher got to go inside and take pictures!
Hi Corina, Sandy just mentioned to me that this session is almost over, but I've enjoyed all of your questions so much that I'll finish them now so you can see them on the printouts that Mrs. Mock will give to each of you... I have been inside the wind tunnel like your lucky computer teacher! It's very big inside the section that all the testing done. It's 80 feet by 120 feet and around all 4 sides there are special metal tiles that mute the sound when the researchers want to learn more about how loud or quiet the thing is that they're testing. There are 6 gigantic fans that generates the 150 mph wind and the wind tunnel operators need to notify the local electric company that they're turning the wind tunnel on because is uses so much electricity!

[ RayOyung/ARC - 61 - 12:15:01 ]
RE: [CorinaAshleighEricaCyril/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] It is almost time for us to go back to class. Thank you very much for this chat. We loved it very much.
Hi Corina, You're very welcome. It was a lot of fun chatting with all of you. Please come back soon, and keep up the good work at school!

[ MrsMock/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona - 62 - 12:16:10 ]
Thanks again! :-)

[ RayOyung/ARC - 63 - 12:19:56 ]
I wish there were more time, but schedules must be kept and there's lots of things to do. Just remember that the things you learn now in school will definitely benefit the things that are waiting for you down the road in life. Enjoy the rest of the day!

[ RayOyung/ARC - 64 - 12:31:41 ]
RE: [MrsMock/MSOC-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Thanks again! :-)
Your welcome Mrs. Mock! I'm glad you were able to find us as another piece of the learning pie ;-). There's lots of available resources. I'm sure support will be here for as long as it can for great educators like yourself. The kids are great and all had good questions. Since the kids will be our future, I'm definitely an advocate for providing a mechanism to keep them curious and to help paint a picture of available opportunities. I just wish something like this were available when we were in second grade! Take care.


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