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March 27, 2001
QuestChat with Chris Lockwood

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 0 - 14:46:37 ]
Welcome to the chatroom. The chat with Chris Lockwood will begin Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 10 AM Pacific. You may leave Questions for Chris prior to the chat. They will not appear in the room until the chat begins because this chat is being Moderated.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 1 - 11:48:22 ]
I'm looking forward to our chat with Chris today! Before the chat starts be sure to read his bio at http://quest.nasa.gov/aero/wright/team/clockwood.html During the chat be sure to read other kids questions to see if they ask a question you were planning to ask. Also read Chris' answers they might give you an idea for another question.

[ juliana - 2 - 11:59:00 ]

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 3 - 11:59:55 ]
Hi Chris here. Any one out there ready for a chat

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 5 - 12:03:20 ]
hello! Chris is here and ready to chat! Send your questions in now!

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 6 - 12:03:27 ]
RE: [Michele] Hello, I am a High School senior and ever since about 4th grade I have dreamed of working with NASA. Right now I'm about to graduate and join the marines, the service is paying for my schooling in college, after that I hope to attend either Florida Tech or Embry-Riddle also located in Florida. While attending either of these schools I hope to acuire a internship with Kennedy space station. All I want to know from you is if you think that I am on the right track to achieveing my goals. And if you have any suggestions. Thank you!
How could you go wrong with a plan like that. One of my coworkers when to embry riddle and just loved it. I think you're on the right track.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 8 - 12:06:45 ]
RE: [denis] how does this wind tunnel testing work.
We mount a model of an air plane (or anything else) in a giant tube and blow air across it ... and measure what happens.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 10 - 12:10:28 ]
RE: [ChrisLockwood/ARC] We mount a model of an air plane (or anything else) in a giant tube and blow air across it ... and measure what happens.
We recently put a keel (a blade about 3 feet long) with a bulb on the end that looked kind of like a dolphin on the end. The company had several different shapes for this dolphin and wanted to know which one had the least drag. How old are you denis?

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 12 - 12:14:02 ]
RE: [ian] why was the russian space station pushed into the eartyhs atmostphere when it would have been ssafer to push it out of earth orbit to either crash on the moon or any other planet with no peopel
ian, why don't you work for the space agency? Great question. Really though, I think it's because it would require a lot of energy and fuel to acutually reach escape velocity.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 13 - 12:18:46 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Chris I was interested in your journal to know if you actually get to follow the test to see the results -for example can an existing plane be improved by wind tunnel testing?
We do get to see the results. Last month I flew in an MD 80 "Streach", which was an improved version of another plane. Often times it's hard to follow a single project all the way through.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 17 - 12:23:17 ]
RE: [Mary/Springwood] Does thewindtunnelair make the model move?
hi mary. Ever stick your hand out the window of the car and tilt it up just a little till you find the spot where the wind holds it up for you (of course you have)? That's what we do in a wind tunnel The wind doesn't move the model but we move it around in the air stream

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 19 - 12:27:35 ]
RE: [Tim/Springwood] do they ever test anything besides airplanes in the windtunnel?
Yes. ANYTHING that might be effected by wind. At Univ. of Calif. Davis they have a wind tunnel where they put models of cities. A friend of mind put models of aircraft cariers to see how the stuff above decks effect the flow on the run way. I even saw a picture a seagul in a tunnel (it was never hurt mind you) like a tread mill for birds!

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 20 - 12:29:16 ]
RE: [Phil/Plainview] Hi Chris What is the best thing about your job?
Phill, I get to work with some really great fun people. And that's the best part. The rest is gravy.

[ SallyGreenwood - 21 - 12:29:37 ]
What is the best degree for working at NASA mechanical engineer or aerospace engineer?

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 23 - 12:32:27 ]
RE: [Mary/Springwood] Wow thanks for your answer, so do you like tip the model or move it up and down?
Yeah, exactly. Bringing the nose up for instance is called "pitching". just like your hand out the car, the more pitch the more lift, or up force. That makes more drag though too.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 24 - 12:34:48 ]
Wow these are great questions!!

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 26 - 12:37:10 ]
Ah mech eng. or aerospace? Paper or plasic? It's up to you sally. a friend ask me the differnce and all I could come up with was, wing and tails, rockets, or motors and gears and design. What do you like best?

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 27 - 12:38:32 ]
RE: [Jeff] when you say keel do you mean for a boat or a plane?
jeff, from a boat! an america's cup boat! Have you seen these boats or races? Do you sail? I do.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 31 - 12:43:37 ]
RE: [Tim/Springwood] Chris do you think there is a way for a machine/plane to fly by flapping its wings?
Tim! Great question. Flapping is for the birds, honestly. It's hard to make flapping efficient for all but very light and slow flight. At least as far as man made stuff goes. Nature does it so much better. Ever see a lace wing fly? No balarina is more elegant! There are some people who make flapping paper airplanes though - very cool.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 32 - 12:45:46 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Is there more drag when the wing joins the body of the plane with a sharp corner or a rounded edge?
Yep. Lots more. can you imagine to tight a transition and some swirling going on. Swirls are bad energy suckers.

[ Jeff - 34 - 12:46:58 ]
Cool! I sail a little boat on my granpa's beach but it has a centerboard.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 35 - 12:47:14 ]
RE: [Phil] Do you use computers a lot?
All the time. they take a lot of the stuff we use to do by hand and do it for us.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 37 - 12:49:55 ]
RE: [Tim] So did the seagull flight strait or up?
It flew straight. It had a mask on so the reseachers could monitor it's breathing. Have you ever seen a human on a tread mill like that?

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 38 - 12:50:43 ]
RE: [SallyGreenwood] Do you have to know a lot of math to work at NASA?
Yeah! math is good. don't be afraid of it. it's the lingo of science.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 40 - 12:52:24 ]
RE: [Jeff] Cool! I sail a little boat on my granpa's beach but it has a centerboard.
Right on. What kind of boat? Here's my question for you. what's the diff between a keel and a centerboard?

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 41 - 12:52:45 ]
RE: [Phil] Did you sail in theAmerica's cup race?
I do wish....

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 44 - 12:54:09 ]
RE: [Mary/Springwood] Are there any women that work in the wind tunnels?
Yeah. My friend Megan is the test manager for the Tilt rotor test in the full scale facility here at Ames

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 45 - 12:54:38 ]
RE: [Mary] Thanks for chatting with us!
pleasure's mine.

[ Susan/NASAChatHost - 46 - 12:54:46 ]
Bye Mary! This has be a wonderful chat we have all learned a lot not to mention having fun ! Thanks everybody!

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 47 - 12:56:19 ]
RE: [Tim/Springwood] Thanks but why did they put the seagull in the wind tunnel?
Seagulls have increadible endurance. Go read about it. "Scientific American Birds" What's the fastest bird???

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 49 - 12:56:53 ]
Thanks all.

[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 50 - 12:58:03 ]
RE: [Jeff] Well I think they do the same thing but one'sbigger?
Balast vs no balast.


[ ChrisLockwood/ARC - 53 - 13:01:37 ]
RE: [Susan/NASAChatHost] Thanks Chris! and Everybody!
Thanks Susan and everyone.


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