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February 25, 1999
QuestChat with Paul Langston

Television Production Specialist
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 7 - 10:27:59 ]
Hello to our early arriving chat particpants. Our chat with Paul Langston from NASA Ames Research Center will begin shortly. Be sure you have read Paul's profile at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/aero/team/langston.html before joining this chat.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 8 - 10:29:15 ]
Today's chat will be moderated to help Paul keep up with us. This means only a few questions wil be posted to the chat rom at a time. Don't worry if your questions do not appear on your screen immediately. They will be posted as Paul answers those ahead of you.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 9 - 10:30:20 ]
At the conclusion of today's chat, please share your thoughts with us at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 10 - 10:31:06 ]
Hello and welcome to today's Aerospace Team Online/Black History Month chat with Paul Langston from NASA Ames Research Center!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 11 - 10:31:27 ]
And now, here is Paul Langston to answer your questions.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 15 - 10:33:15 ]
RE: [Mike] Have you ever been in any job besides NASA?
Hi Mike, Yes I have worked at a few different places before NASA. My bio will tell you bit or where I have worked.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 17 - 10:35:16 ]
RE: [Sonya] are there any other occupations that you would like to fofill.
Hi Sonya, Yes, I like to fly airplanes, shot photographs, write.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 21 - 10:36:57 ]
RE: [Sonya] What other types of aspects besides art and photography led you to doing the job you have now?
hi Sonya, I like science, meeting new people and learning. In fact I feel that I am being payed to learn. IT is great. Pretty much I get involved with most everything I like to do.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 24 - 10:39:02 ]
RE: [Lucian] Paul, good morning! Do you produce computer animations?
HI Lucian, No I do not produce computer animation. That is something that takes more art training plus understanding how to use the software, which by the way is the same software that many of the films and commercials use to produce their animation.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 25 - 10:41:30 ]
RE: [KWK] Do you know any famous people from NASA?
Hi KWK, Famous is kind of relative. Meaning the people I meet are know through out NASA. I do get to meet many of todays scientist working such as scientists working on earth science research, astronauts and many more great people.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 28 - 10:44:37 ]
RE: [Sonya] do you have any children?
Sonya.....no I do not

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 39 - 10:46:28 ]
RE: [Mike] When you took photos out of the helicoptor, were you scared at first?
Mike....Hi,,,yes I was scared at first until I knew I would not fall out...after that it was great.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 40 - 10:47:29 ]
RE: [Sarah] Where do you live?
I live in Santa Clara Valley in Northern California, near NASA Ames.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 41 - 10:48:29 ]
RE: [Chris] How did you get interested in your job? What where your favorite hobbies when you where a kid?
I started getting paid for my hobiies, like photography. I also like science.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 42 - 10:49:18 ]
RE: [Sonya] are there any dangers in your job?
Yes, falling out of airplanes and helipcoters. There's lots of noise here, and I couldfall off high places. So I must always be aware of what I'm doing.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 43 - 10:49:55 ]
RE: [Tabitha] How many years have you been a photographer?
I've been doing phtography and televsions production for about 20 years.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 44 - 10:51:22 ]
RE: [Chantal/Brandi] have you been ofered any other jobs?
Sure, other television production jobs. I've done lots of weddings and portraits and othr phot and video related opportunities.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 45 - 10:51:42 ]
RE: [Mike] How many years have you been working in the NASA center?
I've been working at NASA Ames Research Center for 12 years.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 46 - 10:51:55 ]
RE: [Chantal/Brandi] Were you the valid dictorian?
No, I've never been.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 47 - 10:52:14 ]
RE: [Long] where did you grow up?
I grew up in Santa Cruz, California.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 48 - 10:54:35 ]
RE: [Shaquetta] What kind of things do you take pictures of ?
I take pictures of all the various types of research and the people who performing it that takes place here at Ames, including aircraft research, astronaut training, virtual reality and lots of computer related images.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 59 - 10:57:00 ]
RE: [Long] what are you going to learn in the future?
I don't know.........I like learning and have browed interests.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 60 - 10:58:18 ]
RE: [Chris] What are your goals after you retire? What was jounior collage like?
After I retire I'd like to persue interests I don't have time for now. Such as...writing, nature photography, working with kids....

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 61 - 10:59:27 ]
RE: [Charles] What are your favorite films that you like to watch.
The films that interest me most are, documentaries, adventure, science fiction, human interest, and action. Pretty broad ha....

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 63 - 11:02:01 ]
RE: [Mike] Do you need to have good grades to work at NASA?
Yes...... good grades translate into knowlege. Here at NASA we are thining up how to get to the other planets....building better aircraft, making the environment better. All the stuff you are taking advantage of now and in the future.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 64 - 11:04:20 ]
RE: [Sonya] have you ever thoght of this job as a chid?
NO.....as a child I thought about having fun. Basically I made a pact with my self at an early age...I would pursue things that interest me. I learned to follow my passions.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 65 - 11:06:38 ]
RE: [Marcia] Do you still take pictures of weddings,etc.
NO.....I decided I did not want to photograph weddings. I leave that to people who enjoy shooting weddings.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 70 - 11:08:11 ]
RE: [AshleyBlue] Do you use more than one camera at a time?
Well....sometimes. When I am shooting video I use only one. When I am shooting photo's I may use a couple different ones.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 71 - 11:08:35 ]
RE: [Mike] Do you like working at NASA?
Yes....It is a dream come true.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 72 - 11:10:14 ]
RE: [Chris] Was the u.s. navy fun?
Yes I produced training videos.. The most fun was getting to travel over seas and fly on military airplanes.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 73 - 11:10:55 ]
RE: [David] What projects do you find most interesting?
Anything that gets me around airplanes

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 91 - 11:16:01 ]
RE: [Marcia] Have you ever made any model rockets with engines?
No, but I've made and flown model airplanes.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 92 - 11:16:19 ]
RE: [Chantal/Brandi] How old were you when you decided to enroll in Television Producing?
I was in my early 20s.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 93 - 11:16:53 ]
RE: [KWK] What kind of degree do you need to be in the research center
You need at least a master's degree but you can get internships while you're still in school.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 94 - 11:18:30 ]
RE: [miriam] how would you describe your producing?
We talk to the researchers, understand what they're doing and figure out how to tell their story using television and film techniques. We write a script and then shoot the program according to the script and edit it into its final form.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 95 - 11:19:32 ]
RE: [Shaantel] If you have two cameras,one was a regular camera and the other one was a computer camera which one would you use and please tell me why?
We produce programs to be aired on televsion so we always use broadcast quality television cameras. We are now starting to use HDTV cameras.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 96 - 11:19:51 ]
RE: [Charles] What is the name of your first airplane you have flew in ?
I flew a glider.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 97 - 11:20:56 ]
Some examples: airborne astronomy, virtual reality, astronaut shuttle simulations.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 98 - 11:21:31 ]
RE: [ChalantTawana] If you mess up a picture, do they give you another chance to take the picture over again? What kind of chemical do you use to develop the picture?
I don't still pictures here. My job is tor produce televison programs for NASA.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 99 - 11:22:15 ]
RE: [Viola] What type of chemicals are used to make the flashes?
I don't get involved with shooting still photographs.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 100 - 11:22:46 ]
RE: [Sonya] has this job encoraged you to goo farther in your life?
Yes, it has. To learn more about science, people, and myself.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 101 - 11:24:02 ]
RE: [Mike] Do you know any of the famous astronauts?
Yes, I've met many but I don't remember their names. I see them often, so they become regular people to me.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 102 - 11:24:27 ]
RE: [Long] how much would a tv specialist get paid?
It depends on your experience.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 103 - 11:24:46 ]
RE: [Mike] What is your favorite hobbie desribed in your bio?
Photography and flying.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 104 - 11:25:01 ]
RE: [Chris] why did you study for siceine and art?
Because I liked it.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 105 - 11:25:46 ]
RE: [Chris] what was your favorite sport?
My favorite sport is bicycle riding. I used to race bicycles.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 127 - 11:29:28 ]
RE: [Stephen] Would you change your job if you had the chance, and what whould it be?
I would like to be an airplane pilot.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 128 - 11:30:30 ]
RE: [Corietta] Did you know you were really going to do this when you became older as a young man staying with your parents?
No. I didn't know anything about NASA when I was growing up.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 129 - 11:30:50 ]
RE: [Mike] Have you ever been to DisneyLand?
Sure, hasn't everybody?

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 130 - 11:31:10 ]
RE: [Sonya] have you ever been to kennedy space center in florida?
No, but I'd like to go someday and see a shuttle launch.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 131 - 11:31:33 ]
RE: [Mike] Which elementary school did you go to?
I wento elementary school in Santa Cruz, CA.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 132 - 11:31:47 ]
RE: [Lucian] Are you friends with Oran, the Quest project manager?

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 133 - 11:32:30 ]
RE: [AntowanofPenderHigh] Have you considered making any other movies besides with NASA like your own production.
Yes, nature documentaries, and films about people.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 135 - 11:33:24 ]
RE: [Chantal/Brandi] did you want to do this when you were a kid and allyour life or did you make canges?
No, again, I didn't know about NASA growing up.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 136 - 11:33:59 ]
RE: [Stephen] Have you been in any other part of the world
Yes, Hawaii, Phillipines, Japan, Alaska.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 137 - 11:34:43 ]
RE: [Charles] Whatis your favorite actor that is famous ?
My favorite actor is Sidney Poitier.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 138 - 11:34:57 ]
RE: [SamekaofPenderHigh] Did you make good grades in high school?
No, they were average.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 139 - 11:35:34 ]
RE: [Sara] To what places around the world have you travled by being involved in NASA?
I've been to Houston for NASA.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 140 - 11:36:43 ]
RE: [Adria] Is there one thing that you've done that sticks out in your memory, conserning your career?
Flying in the Kuiper Airborne Observatory aircraft and looking at the stars.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 141 - 11:37:02 ]
RE: [Sonya] how old are you?
Older than you, 48.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 144 - 11:48:41 ]
RE: [Stephen] Would you change your job if you had the chance, and what whould it be?
I might, depends what it mght me. I would like to work with kids and young adults more.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 145 - 11:50:08 ]
RE: [sera] do you do anything special for african american month?
Yes I attended a lecture by a prominent woman educator here.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 146 - 11:51:01 ]
RE: [Mike] What sports did you play in school?
I was on the wrestling team in high school. I also studied karate and judo after school

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 147 - 11:51:56 ]
RE: [Marcia] Would you ever go back to working for a television company?
Yes...I liked working for the local Public Broadcasting Station. I like the type of programs they produce.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 148 - 11:54:22 ]
RE: [Charles] Has your job every got so boring you did'nt feel like doing for the day ?
No, I have gotten so tired I needed to rest.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 149 - 11:55:01 ]
RE: [Chantal/Brandi] how many hours do you work a day?
I work 8 to 10 hours per day.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 163 - 12:03:14 ]
RE: [Adria] Are you glad you went to the Navy? How many years did you serve?
Yes. I worked for them as a civil servant, government employee.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 164 - 12:04:33 ]
RE: [Long] have you won any awards for your photographs?
No.....I have won some awards for videos I have produced.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 165 - 12:05:39 ]
RE: [sarah] Have you ever met anybody famous?
Yes...I have met Christopher Reeves. He use to play superman in the superman films.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 166 - 12:06:41 ]
RE: [shon/chris] Is your job very boring
Hardly....I'm having fun right now talking with you all. This afternoon I will be conducting a television interview with one of our windtunnel engineers.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 167 - 12:07:30 ]
RE: [Mike] Have you ever been to North Carolina?
No..Although I would like to visit North Carolina someday.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 168 - 12:07:42 ]
RE: [Chantal/Brandi] Do you want to go into space?
I'd love to.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 169 - 12:08:36 ]
RE: [daniel] Why did you pick this piticular job to do?
Because I like photopgrahy, television production, science, meeting new people and learning.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 170 - 12:08:49 ]
RE: [KWK] Would you like to go to space and photograph.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 171 - 12:09:45 ]
RE: [Sara] Have you ever considered leaving NASA to fulfill other interests?
Yes. When I am ready to do that I will. I still like it here.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 172 - 12:10:26 ]
RE: [Sonya] what was your favorite subject in middle school ,high school?
Art, english and science.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 173 - 12:12:18 ]
RE: [Gladys] Are the qualification for working at NASA hard?
NO. For what I do I needed to know how to produce a television program from start to finish using all the tools available to me.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 174 - 12:13:17 ]
RE: [Sonya] since you like aircraft so much, have you ever thouht of being a pilot?
I am a pilot. I have a license to fly small airplanes and glider which I like doing as often as I can.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 175 - 12:14:53 ]
RE: [Jurell] Were you in the yearbook staff in the middle school is that how you got an idea that you was going to be a photographer?
NO. I started learning photograhy in Junior college on my own. Although workng for the year book staff would be a great way of getting started.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 176 - 12:16:44 ]
RE: [Sonya] since you like aircraft so much, have you ever thouht of being a pilot?
Yes, not as a profession though. I have a licesen to fly small aircraft for fun.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 187 - 12:20:10 ]
RE: [Charles] Do you ever wish you were more famous then you are?
I never thought about it. I like who I am and what I do. that is enough.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 188 - 12:21:24 ]
RE: [Lucian] What other people do you work with?
I work with other video producer. We all share the duties and the work. Television production is a team effort. No one person can do it all by themselves, kind of like a football team.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 189 - 12:22:18 ]
RE: [Stephen] Do you have any favorite groups as far as music?
I like various types of music. I like jazz the most, such as Miles Davis. I like music that is up lifing.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 190 - 12:26:37 ]
RE: [mike/chs] I am getting a airanautical engineering degree in the marines, is it easy to work in NASA surroundings?
That sound good. Working here is fun especially if you like working around scientists. Their is always something interesting going on here. Today we have a bunch of astronauts here training for the next shuttle launch plus the regional robot contest. You might be interested to know we have a replica of the wright brothers aircraft in one of our wind tunnel.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 191 - 12:28:01 ]
RE: [Gladys] What was your motivation for this field.
As I kid I have always liked making images and looking at art. This satifies many of my desires to be creative plus my interests in science and technology.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 192 - 12:28:49 ]
RE: [shon/chris] What do you do in your free time?
I fly sailplanes, hike, spend time with my girlfriend and her daughter.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 193 - 12:29:19 ]
RE: [Adria/CHS] Have you ever trained anybody for this line of work?
Yes. In the past we have had interns.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 194 - 12:30:59 ]
RE: [Jessica/CHS] How often do you read, and what book would you consider your favorite?
I read on my own almost every night. I don't have one favorite book.... I read thnigs that interest me, photography, art, people stories, good literature.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 195 - 12:33:32 ]
RE: [terrance] What were your favorite pictures? Is your job dangerous? While you were taking your pictures was it fun?
Remember I shoot mainly video for my job. When I was shooting video through the open door of a helicopter of another aircraft comes to mind as pretty memorable. And yes it had the potenial of being dangerous so I always make sure I am safe. Not worth while getting hurt.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 196 - 12:34:43 ]
RE: [daniel] When you were working at KTEH as a producer/director, did you like that job more then the one you have currently
No. I liked them for their own reasons.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 207 - 12:48:51 ]
RE: [Tyrone] Do you have time to see your family?
Yes, I make time.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 208 - 12:49:55 ]
RE: [Myrlande] If you had to do anything over to change your career, what would it be?
I would have married the woman of my dreams sooner.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 209 - 12:51:16 ]
RE: [Stephen] What does Black History Month mean to you? Which African American stands out the most in your life?
It means that we celebrate our heritage and learn from it how to improve ourselves and make this life better for all human beings.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 210 - 12:51:49 ]
RE: [daniel] Mr Langston, will you just study nature photography or would you ever go to a school for kids and take their school pictures (since you love kids)......
I would like to work with kids and teach them how to take their own pictures.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 211 - 13:05:01 ]
RE: [Jessica/CHS] What kind of writing do you do?
I like to write poems and short stories.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 212 - 13:10:17 ]
RE: [Mike] Were you in any clubs when you were in school?

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 213 - 13:12:29 ]
RE: [Gladys] Do you think it was harder to get where you are because you are black?
No, I never had any obstables put in front of me due to my ethnic background. I always emphisize I am just a person like everone else no matter what their color may be.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 214 - 13:12:29 ]
RE: [Gladys] Do you think it was harder to get where you are because you are black?
No, I never had any obstables put in front of me due to my ethnic background. I always emphisize I am just a person like everone else no matter what their color may be.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 215 - 13:13:03 ]
RE: [Jessica/CHS] Have you ever gone and helped out at any highschools?
Yes, I have helped out at a local high school that NASA has adopted.

[ PaulLangston/ARC - 216 - 13:21:15 ]
RE: [Gladys] What do you think you will be doing 10 yrs from now???????
I probably will be pursuing my personal interests. Photogpraphy, hiking, working with kids.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 142 - 11:39:23 ]
EVERYONE, unfortunately Paul must return to his other duties at NASA. At this time, we would like to thank everyone for joining us today, and offer a very special and BIG thanks to Paul Langston for sharing his time, expertise, and personal experiences with us online today.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 143 - 11:40:26 ]
Once again, please share your thoughts about today's chat with us at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys.We hope you have enjoyed this year's Black History Month chats. We look forward to hearing from you next year!


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