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NASA Quest's primary goal is to connect you to the people and science of NASA. We do this through "events" that involve live encounters with the people who make NASA's goals a reality.

Events may be stand alone or involve a series of offerings over an extended period of time. Events are made up of a combination of any or all of the following ingredients:

webcast logo Webcasts are video offerings provided over the Internet, allowing you to view the action from your computer monitor.
chat logo Chats usually accompany webcasts, allowing you to participate by asking the NASA expert questions. Webchats may also stand alone, as you communicate with a NASA expert in text only.
forum icon Forums are extended "chats" that often include several NASA experts. Questions are placed in the room and experts check in periodically to answer the questions.
teacher icon Classroom Collaborations involve interaction between classrooms in design and/or decision making processes, usually overseen by a NASA Expert.

To accompany these live events, NASA Quest provides you with profiles of the experts, journals of their day-to-day activities, and background information on the projects in which they are involved. Additionally, some of NASA Quest's events include a variety of lesson helps or lesson plans. With the proper teacher guidance, students will learn to:

  • research an area of expertise by reading the expert's profile
  • formulate quality questions
  • improve writing skills
Additionally, students will experience the excitement and inspiration accrued from interacting live with someone who works for NASA. We expect that all participants will read the online profile of the expert (and any journals or previous chats available). This can be done either individually or with the teacher (depending on students' age). See our teaching tips.

Participation in an event can be simple as long as you plan ahead. For instructions for the newcomer, see "How Do I Participate?" at left. See the Calendar of Events for this year's offerings.


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